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BFers ? for those that have weaned

I'm planning to start weaning Liam when he hits 12 months and can start drinking whole milk.  I want to try to prepare myself for the transition and was wondering how other people weaned their LOs?  In your experience how much milk did you little one take after weaning? Was it on a schedule or just at meals or if they wanted some?

Ideally, I'd like to just get him used to drinking milk out of a cup rather than taking a bottle but don't now if that's too much to change at once.  We're actually starting to give him some BM in a sippy now because he hasn't been drinking his bottles well at daycare (maybe due to his ears) and a ped suggested that a cup might put less pressure on his ears.  And I'm not looking forward to stopping our morning nursing session because he gets up at 6 (or sometimes earlier) we bring him to our room and he nurses and falls back to sleep so we all get a little more rest. 

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Re: BFers ? for those that have weaned

  • I have never put one single drop of cow's milk into a bottle!  I don't think it is too much of a change at once to go to a sippy.  You want to wean him slowly anyway.  I can't remember what I read, but it is like one nursing session every 4-5 days I think.  Check Kellymom, I remember reading about milk and drinks past a first birthday.  But for us,Tyler self weaned between 11-12 months.  He just started cutting certain sessions shorter and then cutting each one, one by one, completely out until one early morning session was left.  Then he would latch, unlatch and smile, and just be done.  There was no replacement with a bottle or anything else, he just started eating and drinking more at meal times.  He would eat  5-6 times a day though, a small breakfast when he would first wake up, a big breakfast about 1.5 - 2 hours later, then lunch, mid afternoon snack, dinner, then bedtime snack.  He drank milk, juice or water in a sippy with his meals.  Very little milk actually.  But he ate cheeses, yogurt and things like that.
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