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TMI subject, but...

Any suggestions for the constipation? I've increased my fiber, and I'm drinking over 100 ounces of water a day, and nothing's helping. I want to try metamucil, but I'm afraid it's citrusy and will make my heartburn worse.

Thanks ladies!

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Re: TMI subject, but...

  • Doctors allow Colace so you might try to pick that up.  HTHs!
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  • Metamucil makes pills- you have to take them with 8oz of fluid, but at least you don't have to taste the stuff at all! These have been fairly successful for me. There are just some situations where NOTHING will work (like travel).

    Also - drinking lots of liquids (>64oz), metamucil pills in the AM (although my nurse mom tells me I should take them 2-3 x per day). and Raisens (Prunes never appealed to me).

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  • If you have a decent drug plan, see if your doctor will prescribe you a prenatal vitamin that contains a stool softener in it. I had one (Primacare One), and never had a problem.
  • I used the generic Colace. 
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  • You want a stool softener, not a laxative.  I took (and still am thanks to the hemmorhoid) generic colace.

  • The constipation sucks!  I have been using Colace and it helps a little bit, but not enough.  My doc told me if Colace doesn't work to try Miralax.  I have been meaning to buy it but keep forgetting.  It is on my list for the next shopping trip!  Also, I try and eat a serving of Cherry Essence Prunes every day and it does seem to help when I eat them. 


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  • I used colace, fiber one tablets, lots of water, and lots of fiber and nothing really worked well for me.  Just know that this *should* pass.  As soon as my 2nd trimester started the constipation and morning sickness ended.
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