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Do you work from home?

If so, what do you do? The thought of already hating my job then going back to work after maternity leave makes me sick to my stomach. I have got to find something new!

Re: Do you work from home?

  • Aww hun, I know what you mean.

    I don't currently work from home, but have and plan to after baby arrives.  I am an insurance agent, so it's a job you can manage from home, but finding work can be touch. 

    Selling healthcare like medicare supplemental insurance plans is pretty good, but you have to work really hard at first.


  • I'm with ya, not going back after baby's born and we're moving out of state. Check out the Stay at Home Moms boards too, a lot of ideas from already SAHM's. Good luck to all of us in finding something!!
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  • i work from home 2-3 days a week and i will daily for a couple weeks before i'm due as well as after my disability is up.. then go back to 2-3 times a week. i work in accounting (processing orders, payroll, etc.) for my uncle's software company and i'm able to log into my work computer remotely and i have a couple little worker bees that help me out with things that need to be done while physically IN the office. i love my job! i hope you find something that works better for you!!
  • Thank you for the suggestions ladies!
  • Yes! I have a Website Marketing company.
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  • Yes, I work from home as a freelance writer for magazines and websites, but I worked on staff for about a decade before going freelance. And it's essentially running your own business, finding clients and landing assignments, so it's not necessarily steady work. But my husband and I decided I should start freelancing about two years ago specifically so that I would have the option to work from home once we decided to have kids.



  • I'm a freelance graphic designer. I imagine a lot of things that involve computers or can be done at a computer can be done from home...
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  • I do but that doesn't mean I can watch the baby all day while I work. He will have regular daycare. My job still takes up all my time, just at home!
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