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T&P Needed (vent)

I need all the help I can get to make it through the next couple of days with my MIL. She's driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She is the sweetest lady and I love her to death - but she is trying way too hard and causing me to have like twice the workload as if I was here by myself. She just finished going through every single thing that is sitting on our table - asking me where to put each thing or if I want to keep it. Ugh! I just want to relax when the babies are sleeping or having down time. I almost always have to re-do something because she just doesn't get it. Like how soft pasta has to be cooked for a kid without a lot of teeth and why you can't strain it and wait 30 minutes because they get all hard and are basically useless. She unswaddles Leah when she whines a bit before falling asleep...and every single time I have to politely find a way to reswaddle her and mention that I think she is trying to go to sleep now.

I know next week I'll be wishing I had the extra pair of hands. And I love that the kitchen is clean. But poor Evan is sick of her following him everywhere he goes and I can tell that he just needs some space. She got him up soooooo early today even though we have told her that he sometimes wakes up and chats for a minute and then goes back to sleep. Now his whole day will be off.

I know this probably sounds like I'm an ungrateful brat - because I know that she just wants to help. But I'm going to have to rest from having her here!!! And of course - I can't whine to DH about this - my mom advised me long ago to never complain about your husband's mother to him...haha!!


Re: T&P Needed (vent)

  • I completely understand where you are coming from! The first few days I was home I was so off from having people around and doing things the way they wanted to.  You are not being a brat at all!!!  Vent all you want girl!!! :) Good luck with MIL.  Your baby is adorable!
  • I totally hear you.  You aren't' being ungrateful.  People don't understand sometimes!  She sounds like she is being a burden and doing things her way, and it is definitely making more work for you.  Hang in there!  I hope the next few days aren't too bad!
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  • good luck! My MIL can be a PITA sometimes too... I can't imagine her spending a whole week w/ me! I would pull all my hair out most likely.
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