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West Valley new mommas?

Just found out on December 27th that my hubby and I are having our first baby. Not sure how far along I am, but my first appointment is February 2nd.

Anyone going to be using Banner Del Webb for delivery?

Re: West Valley new mommas?

  • Hi there and congrautlations!  

    We are not going to Banner Del Webb for the delivery, but we are going to Arrowhead, which is still west side.

  • Thank you! Have you delivered at Arrowhead before or was it recommended to you?

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  • No, this is my first child.  My ob/gyn's office is attached to the hospital so it is naturally where I will deliver.  My best friend delivered at this hospital about 3 years ago and it worked out great for her, she really loved it, and that also made me feel good about it.
  • Congrats on the baby! I am a soon to be west valley mama. I live in Surprise with my husband and we are delivering at Banner Del Webb. We have taken the Pickles and Ice cream tour a couple times and found it very pleasant. I'm due Feb 7th so I'll let you know how it goes. Any questions, let me know.



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