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They told me no food or water after 2:00pm- not even ice...(I go in for the induction at 6:30pm) any idea why? like why no water?


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Re: **Stellabella**

  • I know I'm not Stella - but I think they want you to have as empty as a stomach as you can have because in case they have to do any thing with a c-section, there is less of a chance of complications.

    GOOD LUCK! and speedy delivery!!

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  • ::butting in also::

    I was induced, and also sent to the hospital in the evening (7pm), but my doc told me to make sure I ate a good meal before going in (just not anything greasy or that might upset my stomach) They also let me eat something small the next morning (a muffin and some oj) before they started pitocin.

    I wonder why your doc told you that?... you likely won't deliver until tomorrow afternoon.

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  • I'm sorry that I am so late responding and you are probably there, but it is because they want your stomach as empty as possible in case you end up needing a C-section and they have to give you heavier medication. 

    Good luck!!!!


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