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When your LO was sick...

Ladies, wondering about the whole sterilization of everything.  Of course we wash our hands constantly as well as wipe down/lysol everything.  However I'm wondering when/if we should be changing the sheets he sleeps on.  I feel like sleeping on the same sheets would obviously just recycle the sickness, but changing them everyday seems pointless. 

What do you do?  Wait until it's almost over?  Completely over?  Help please.

Re: When your LO was sick...

  • I don't do it everyday - I usually just try to wash blankets and clothes often - maybe change the sheets 2x a week if she's been sick
  • So far she's only been sick once and it was a 24 hour virus so we changed the sheet at the end of it.

    If it's a cold or something of that sort I think I might do it twice a week like Sarah said.


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  • We do 2x per week and then change them after he's officially well-  although that is sometimes hard to pin point when that stupid cough can stick around for weeks :(

    We are both sick right now with sinus infections/colds and it stinks!

  • We've been washing blankets everyday (I just divided her stash into two piles and we alternate them).

    She doesn't sleep in her crib yet, but if she did, we have the Ultimate Crib Sheets -- so it is super easy to snap one off and replace it.  If you don't want to invest in those, I would just buy some sheet savers that tie to the crib sides and place them where he might drool/throw up/spit up.  Those are more of a pain to untie and tie back on, but same concept.

    And if she was sleeping in her crib, I would change her sheets everyday, but that's just me.

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