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For those of you who are members of or have been members of momstown - what kinds of activities do you do?  Just curious :)  TIA!

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  • I'm a member, although I don't get out to much because I don't actually live in one of the towns they are active in.  And I'm not into driving far in the winter with my LO. 

    But, they have lots of activities.  Swimming, mall walks, moms night out, stars and strollers, in the summer there are lots of park playdates. 


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  • I want to start getting more involved in the activities but my BSC SIL is a member and I don't feel super comfortable posting/participating too much. It sucks big time.


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  • Come to the Guelph events. I go to a few things, as does Mrs C. This week there is a Valentine's Day party. I used to go to the swimming event every week but they moved the day and we haven't gone for a couple months. I need to get back into it. The Guelph chapter has a new owner and she seems pretty pumped about it and there are a ton of activities.

    I do wish some of them were closer to me because I don't drive and taking the bus is a pain.

    PS, will I see/meet you at the AP meeting at the end of the month?

  • Do you think it would be an issue if I was a member of KW and Guelph chapters?
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