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pantliners instead of breast pads?

A friend of mine recommended just buying inexpensive pantiliners & cutting them in 1/2 to use as breast pads.  She said it's much cheaper.  Has anyone done this?  Does it work ok or should I go for the breast pads?
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Re: pantliners instead of breast pads?

  • lol...cuz i'm getting a visual. um no, haven't tried this. are breast pads expensive? i used them with DS but don't remember.
  • I would buy the medela reusable ones. They feel so much better anyway! a 4 pack is 10$ 
  • Cheaper to buy breast pads in bulk, and with the liners you can see them through most shirts. Not cute. Stick out tongue
  • I do it! It is so much cheaper and its the same thing really just not circles lol
  • Since my nipples/boobs have become the size of mt. Everest while i breastfeed i needed the actually breasts pads since they have the large round cup shape in order to really soak up any leaks. 
  • How long does one need to wear these breast pads for? Is it for as long as you're BF'ing?
  • Just get the reusable ones.
  • lol, that is funny i never heard of that. i bought breast pads but i tkink i'll try it one day, lol
  • image shadowboxerkd:
    How long does one need to wear these breast pads for? Is it for as long as you're BF'ing?

    It just depends. I wore them for a few months, because I would leak- but didn't need them the whole time I BF (11 months).

    But the thought of scratchy pantiliners? EWWWWW no. The breast pads are cheap enough, I'll be using them again!

  • Honestly, I'd wait and see how much you leak. I haven't leaked at all yet so haven't had to use breast pads.


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  • That would totally work if you're not a heavy leaker but if you've got some powerful mammary glands, a thin pantyliner probably won't do the trick.

    But, thx, I'm going to try it!

  • I used reusable ones...they are less wasteful and I imagine more comfortable.  Pantiliners sound uncomfortable to me. 
  • Yep I did that when mine leaked, granted I never BF so it wasnt for months.  But they work great!
  • I really can't see that being good protection!  With DD I used 2 or 3 sets of pads a day.  The breaspads would offer way more protection and more conforming to the breast.  I have a couple times leaked out of the breastpad, so I can only image how many panty liners I would have soaked through with less protection.
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