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2nd Trimester

Qdoba is a Pregnant Woman's Everything

I mean really should I go further?

I just had a delicious Chicken, fajita burriot with pico de gallo and cheese- and some chips and queso as a side.

The flavors were like dancing fairies on my tongue and so much better than sex could be right now.

I think the baby is throwing a fiesta to celebrate!

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Re: Qdoba is a Pregnant Woman's Everything

  • mmmm Pico de gallo  :)
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  • Their chicken queso burrito is AMAZING.  And the best part is, half of it fills me up (like, I'm stuffed) so one burrito is 2 complete meals.  MMmmmmm... queso.
  • That sounded so good......I know what I'm having for dinner tonight.
  • Mmm... I love Qdoba. We have Moe's here (basically the same thing) and since my BFP I have become a regular. They definitely know what I want when I walk in. Glad your baby is throwing a fiesta... our babies would probably get along well :)
  • Mmm!! I love Qdoba!! But you know what I've been wanting...of course we don't have them up here...but Moe's and White Castle. Oh what I wouldn't give!! Even a Krystal's burger, I'd take that. Why does ND have such crappy places to eat?? Or nothing that I truly crave?!
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  • Actually I live in like the only state where most cities have Krystals AND White Castle (of course I hate Krystals!!!).

    I was almost tempted away from QDoba by Fazoli's amazing breadsticks but in the end I am so glad I stuck with it!

    And we have Moe's here and I have to say QDoba is so much better and if you can find a Chipotle it is even better...

    image Momma to Ms. C age 16 months and Mr. C age 3 months!
  • I love Qdoba!!... that is my craving most the time... I love their chips and salsa...hmmm... I want some now! lol
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  • I LOOOOOOOOVE Qdoba!!  I used to work right by one and now it's too far away :(  I love their nachos with shredded beef.  Great, now this is all I am going to be able to think about....
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