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First Haircut Recs

Parker is in need of his first haircut.  Could anyone recommend somewhere to take him in Huntsville?  My husband wants me to cut his hair myself, but I am afraid to.  Let me know of any recommendations you have.  Thanks!
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Re: First Haircut Recs

  • i have a friend who took her son here:

    it's in jones valley. it looked like she was pleased with the results and her son seemed to be having fun (from the pics i saw).


  • I was going to recommend the same place Tiffany did...I had a couple of friends take their kids there and they said it was a really fun experience. 
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  • I took Caleb to Spoiled Rockin one time.  It was a neat experience because they get to sit in a cool car, plane, etc. and they have little TV's and all.  Also, if it is a first cut, they do special things which sounded really neat.  When I took Caleb, it was not his first so we didn't do that extra stuff.  Just be careful and be very clear of what it is you want...the girl there took WAY too much of Caleb's hair off which not only made him look like a big boy (which I was not ready for) but also made it stick up and out in back which I hated.  She was very sweet and apologetic, but I did leave a little upset.  That could happen anywhere though, of course.  Just be specific and watch carefully.  I do think that is a great place to go for the first cut though!

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