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Here's an interesting article about the germs that can be found on new clothes. Makes me think twice about ever wearing a new item without washing it first!|main|dl4|link7|

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Re: Gross....

  • Ewww!!  That's so gross.  I've worked in retail before and you'd be surprised at what some stores take back.  I know a lot of places dont even require tags to be on the items.  I'm definitely going to wash all new purchases!! 

  • They had a story about that on the news the other night!!  GROSS!!!!!!
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  • I think I just threw up a little in my mouth...that is seriously gross!!
  • Ugh! I NEVER wear anything before I wash it.  This drives DH crazy, but I tell him we don't wear clothes straight out of the factory because lots of germs come from there.  I've never thought about fecal matter being on clothes.  That is disgusting!
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