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did everyone gain weight during an IVF cycle?

Obviously, this is by far NOT the most important thing, but I'm just wondering what to expect! If you did gain- about how much? was it just bloat/water weight or did it stick around? If you didn't gain- did you do anything different to keep it off?
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Re: did everyone gain weight during an IVF cycle?

  • I just felt like a sausage. I was really really bloated and blah. I couldn't work out either b/c my ovaries were hurting pretty much from when I started stimming until 2 weeks after AF. I still feel like I have some left over flab from it, but it might just be all of the left-over Christmas candy I have been eating. BTW- most of it was water weight and has dropped off fairly easily.

    FWIW- I am planning to eat a lot healthier this time, which I bet will make a huge difference for me. No ramen noodles here! :)

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  • For my last cycle, I did not gain a pound, in fact I lost weight... I did a different protocol, and I think my body definitely responded differently.

    For my first two cycles I gained maybe 5 pounds, but lost it all immediately... it is mostly water weight.

    Good luck!

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  • I gained 10 pounds from IVF - it was mostly bloat but since I got pregnant it suck around - I never did lose my bloat but I did not gain any more weight while pregnant.

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  • I gained about 4 pounds while cycling, by the two days after ER I was back to my normal weight. It's all bloat. As long as you don't use the meds/hormones as an excuse to eat all the time you'll be fine!

    FWIW, I also exercised (like I normally would) throughout my whole cycle until the day before ER.  

  • I have gained 7lbs. so far - today is day 8 of stims.  It's all just water weight and bloat!!!
  • I am small to begin with, but my last cycle I lost about 3 lbs... until the OHSS, then I gained 5 lbs in fluid. It lasted only about 5 days.


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  • I didn't gain anything during my first IVF per se.  However, I did 3 IVFs in 10 months and I gained about 10 - 15 pounds during that time.  I think it was the yo-yoing on and off hormones repeatedly that really did me in.
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  • I gained quite a few pounds during my first IVF cycle but none during the second.  Besides the obvious bloat which will go away I think I did better the second time around because I ate better and exercised.  
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  • I've eaten fairly well and continued exercising (except for 2 weeks when I had OHSS and the week after ET) and have gained 13 pounds since starting IF treatments in June. Most of the weight came on during IVF#1/FET#1. I lost the weight from OHSS, but that's it. I've gone up 3 pant sizes!

    I'm actually hoping to ramp up my exercise and diet and losing a couple of pounds before diving in to IVF #2. I'm just so uncomfortable.

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  • Yup, since June when I started IVF, I prob gained 10/15 lbs. Between the not working out during stimms, bcps, and the over all hunger from the meds its kind of hard not to...It's not something I am proud of so when I was in between cycles and on BCP's I started to work out again, more for my sanity than anything and then would stop once starting stimms again..it was def the yo-yo effect..

    I hope you don't have the same experience! GL!!

  • I did not gain any weight during IVF and surprisingly had no bloating, either.  I actually lost a few pounds around ER/ET weeks.  I think that was mostly due to cutting out the wine! lol :) 
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  • I'm PCOS and have always had trouble with my weight.  I can barely maintain off birth control . . .so trying not to gain while doing treatments? forget about it.  40 pounds in 3 years of treatments.  most of which were after starting Follistim & then IVF.  Not sure if IVF was much more than HMG or not  though.  It does not help that with injects and IVF, you can't exercise while stimming.  
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  • I gained about 20 pounds that was not water weight. I gained the weight over the course of 3 years and 5 fresh IVF and 2 frozen IVF cycles. I didn't weigh myself regularly during those years though so I probably weighed even more when I was actively cycling due to water weight, but I went up 2 pant sizes. :-(

    I'm sure all the hormones didn't help, but I think the biggest reason for my weight gain was my lack of exercise. My clinic tells its patients to refrain from strenuous exercise when they are stimming (to avoid ovarian torsion) and no exercise at all (other than light walking) after ET.

    I was a heavy exerciser prior to IVF so my body went from working out 5-6x a week to pretty much nothing... for three straight years. eeek! Plus I was on bed rest a lot and I'm totally a boredom eater. When I'm bored, I eat.

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