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good obgyn in burbank???

hey girls.

?i had a miscarriage three months ago at 10w. i was devastated...but understand that things happen for a reason.

i had a horrible doctor and now i want to be prepared for the next pregnancy (my husband and i will be trying in 10days!).

any suggestions on good obgyns in burbank, st. joseph medical area???



Re: good obgyn in burbank???

  • Hi, I live in Burbank and go to an MD on the Glendale/La Crescenta border.  I will deliver at a Glendale hospital, so I'm not sure if this helps.  But I go to Kerri Parks.  There are 2 other docs in her practice, both of whom are also good.
  • I have heard Kerri Parks is good and I actually wanted to go to her however I was unaware that once you confirm the pregnancy with your medical they consider that the start of treatment and by then it's too late the change. I have heard good things about her though.
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  • Dr. Newfield is awesome! His office is on Alameda and Buena Vista, right across the street from St. Jo's. His staff is very friendly, and he's punctual with his appointments. If he's more than 15-20 min late, the nurses call and let you know. I went to him for six years before I had to change insurance companies. Once I'm on my husband's insurance, I plan on going back. 
  • I LOVE my ob - Dr. Sofya on Buena Vista.  Her last name is Ukranian and no one pronounces it right, but if you google Dr. Sofya Burbank she'll come up.  I don't know how she is in delivery, but she's so awesome with everything else so far (and she's been my Gyno for a few years) that DH and I almost abandoned our plans for a homebirth just to stick with her, and still might.
  • I love Dr. Schmones... He is out of St. Joseph's and delivered my daughter.. I have been with him for the past 6 years and absolutely LOVE the personal relationship we have. I refused to change doctors when we had to change insurance, so now waiting for #2 and still with him!

  • I love my guy - Dr. Christopher Pearson. He's smart and funny and takes time to talk with us at each appointment. I never feel rushed and I always leave feeling reassured that I understand everything that's going on with my baby and my body. Highly recommend!
  • I had an urgent c/s at st joes with a ob who wasn't the one who followed me (I was supposed to deliver at cedars...long story), but Dr Pearson did the assist and seemed to be a really good OB....the OB who delivered me and I have followed up with was Dr. Bardowell.  He was ok but I wouldn't necessarily recommend him.
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