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Also at Target - Baby Einstein on Sale.

Target has all thier BE videos on sale for $10 this week. They are normally $15. I got Eve Numbers Nursery.  She is watching it now for the first time and she LOVES it.

The only ones we don't love are the Santa one (its awful), and Lullaby Time (slooow). And the Baby Monet, she only likes the puppets none of the other scenes.

Melissa & Jeff 5-27-06
m/c 1/2/08 and 3/12/08
Eve Amelia- Born 2/24/09. 6lb 9.9oz
Natalie Ruth - Born 6/13/11 7lb 6.6oz
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Re: Also at Target - Baby Einstein on Sale.

  • numbers nursery was and still is one of Bella's favorites. she went CRAZY the first time she watched it. especially the car race part.

    i usually use the lullaby one at night when i'm by myself trying to put joe down and i dont want to overstimulate her before bed. 

    do you have baby noah? also a good one. 

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