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Do people send birth announcements anymore?

I was making up a to-do list, and various templates have "have birth announcements printed" as a to-do.  Personally, I loved looking through my baby book when I was a kid and seeing the announcement, but now that there is facebook and email, I feel like sending a printed announcement would seem like I was asking for gifts, since everyone will know I had the kiddo before they receive the announcement.  I'm not interested in gifts; I just think the announcements are fun and look nice.

What do you think?  Do you plan to mail announcements, or just email everybody, or what?

Re: Do people send birth announcements anymore?

  • I've gotten them from all my friends and didn't feel inclined to send a gift because of the announcement.
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  • I love getting them from my friends!  Like christmas cards, most are photo announcements, which are cool.  I plan to do those.
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  • I sent them out when I had my son and I get them from friends.  I think it's still a nice thing to do. 
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    I sent them out when I had my son and I get them from friends.  I think it's still a nice thing to do. 


  • I have gotten them and love them! And I don't feel obligated to send a gift (didn't even cross my mind since I got them good shower gifts)..I know we are going to do them!
  • I think birth announcements are still appropriate, especially for older people not online.  We sent out a birth announcement when DS was born with a picture and his stats and got many compliments.  Alot of people did send gifts though - but we live 3000 miles away and never had any type of shower or welcoming home party so I did not feel too bad - but then you have to send thank yous :)  I will do it again since I sent them out for DS.

  • I plan on sending them out.  Would you care to share your to do templates or list?  I have been looking for a good one.
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  • I sent a birth announcement/x-mas card with DD (she was born close to christmas, and I'm cheap), and I plan to do the same with #2.  I love getting them and have never seen them as a gift grab.  I don't believe I got any gifts as a result of sending mine out either
  • My bff did magnetic birth announcements and I loved them. Baby Hope is still on my fridge 2 years later :)
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  • We did an announcement with DD and everyone seemed to like getting it.     Family is scattered over multiple states so it also helped get the word out.

  • I do!!! ?I didn't with DD because we didn't have the money and a friend did them as a gift for me for DS. ?I will definitely do them with this one!! ?I already have a few picked out and will address & stamp the envelopes before the baby arrives, so all I have to do afterwards is have a little photo session and pick out a picture.

    The people that send announcements to us are people I would normally send a gift to anyway, so I love getting them and seeing the picture(s) / cute card. ?The people I sent DS's to had almost all already met him / seen a bunch of pictures of him, but it just seemed like the proper thing to to send an announcement... I was definitely not asking for gifts, though.

  • I did send announcements and I didn't receive any gifts because I had already received cards/gifts at my showers.  I will send them with this one as well!



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  • I sent out birth announcements to our family and close friends (around 50).  I didn't feel like I was asking for gifts at all...just announcing the birth of our daughter.  Yes, they all knew but they hadn't all seen her yet and so the picture was nice for them to recieve.  I plan on doing them again for dc #2. 

    I ordered them from and LOVED the quality!  I also ordered Christmas cards from them this year.  They sent the envelopes in advance so I had them all addressed and stamped a week before dd arrived.  Once she was born we took a pic (it took a few weeks to get one we loved) and put in her stats on the announcement.  They were sent to us within a week and all we had to do was stuff the envelopes and stick them in the mail.

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  • I sent them b/c I think they are so cute.  I don't ever feel obligated to send gifts.  And I love getting them from people. 
  • They are standard at least for my crowd. That said, when sent them out with DS, the gifts started to pour in. I wish there was a way to say I do not want a gifts but just wanted to let you know, but I know there is not. But then I think about it and I do the same (run out and get a gift) when I get an announcement too. I think my mum and MIL would kill me if I did not send them out.
  • I sent one with DS and will send one with this one too.  I love getting them from my friends!  I don't think they are asking for gifts at all.  We also emailed and announced on FB, but I think a printed card is so nice....
  • I sent them, but I didn't even know people sometimes send gifts back.  I've never done that, and no one sent me one from K's announcements.
  • Considering that even before email/facebook people generally knew you had the baby before the announcement came in the mail, I think birth announcements are still applicable and a nice gesture.

  • yes! we did them for DS when he was a month old or so. people (especially older relatives) loved them. I dont think it's fishing for gifts--it's sharing your news!
  • I'm glad people don't see it as a gift grab!   I have literally 30 cousins who almost all have kids, and none of them have sent announcements, they just send out an email.  I guess I won't send announcements to them, but will to my aunts and uncles and such...  I think they're nice!

    LilacStar - I couldn't find one I liked either, so I compiled my own.  PM me your email and I'll send it to you if you want.  It's in excel.

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