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1st Birthday Party Themes & Ideas for Boys?

Hey y'all, I'm absolutely stuck on choosing a theme for Mason's 1st {yeah, we only have 38 days, but I'm doing the party towards the end of Feb to give me some more time for planning}. 

I want it to be a big blowout party, and there will be mostly adults at his party this year. Here are some themes I've thought of so far, but I'm not necessarily loving any one of them more than another:

Bugs {"Bug" is one of his many nicknames} Monkeys {yet another nickname...silly Monkey} Zoo Animals; Farm Animals or maybe even Safari Vintage Cowboy Circus {my 2nd birthday had a clown- yeah, I'd definitely go clownLESS...scary!} Blues & Brown {just a color-theme} Dr. Seuss Big Man Party {with fun accessories like neckties, watches & moustache decor}

Anyone have anything they wouldn't mind adding?  What about those of you with older babies...any words of advice for the 1st Bday Party?

Re: 1st Birthday Party Themes & Ideas for Boys?

  • I love the idea of the Big Man party!  Where have I seen a kids' shirt with a tie on it...?  If you don't go with that one, the zoo animals, Dr. Seuss, and Circus (sans clown, lol) sound fun too.  I can't believe he's almost one already!
  • I really like the Monkey theme idea, but I the Dr. Suess would be cute too! They all sound very cute though.
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  • I like the big man party idea.  Like Alesha said, get the little shirts with the tie on them.  Maybe a little top hat or sunglasses or something for him to wear. 
  • They all really sound cute!  I was going to tell you to check out  They have some really cute first birthday stuff.
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  • I like the big man idea and the monkey idea too. So cute.

    I can't believe he's about to be one! That scares me because it means K's birthday isn't that far away!

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  • ohhh thank y'all! I'm settling on the "Man Party"...since he is a little man now =)

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