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Have you lost touch with friends that don't have kids?

I have 4 best friends(or so I thought). 1 is my sister, 1 is my HS BF, college BF and real world BF.  My hs bf and I talk all the time she is married with 2 kids.  I skype daily with my sis b/c she is my sis.  The other 2 I barely talk to.  My real world bf is single and hates everything so it is hard for me to talk to her without feeling really negative afterwards.  I try to call her a couple times a month.  My college BF is in a relationship and I think it's serious.  I hardly ever talk to her b/c we have congflicting schedules.  She texted me not to wish me a happy new year or anniversary but to tell me that my ex got engaged.  I could care less about that. She also has never commented on any of Ethan's pics. Not one but she can say how cute every other baby is that our friends have. (i'm not looking fo someone to tell me my child is cute. I would just like her to acknowledge him) I try really hard to keep in contact with them and I never talk about Ethan so they don't think that is all i talk about. it's just hard for me to relate to going to a bar and getting drunk on the weekends.  My life is very different now.   I guess this is more of a vent. 

Re: Have you lost touch with friends that don't have kids?

  • Not really... I've lost touch w/ friends over the years, but my close group of girlfriends and I still stay in touch, and I am the only one w/ a baby (2 of them got married in the last year, and one is engaged).

    In fact I think I see them more now because they either a) want to see Evan, or b) want to take me out for adult time!

  • Friends that do not live locally that do not have children, yes, I don't really have much contact with them anymore.  My hs bf lives in Chicago now and even though she has been back home for many visits, she only met Alexis when she was an infant and she has never even seen Emily.  I grew tired of being the one making the effort to keep the friendship alive (I was doing all of the calling/emailing) and she wasn't returning emails or calls so I have pretty much let the friendship die.

    However, my college bfs I still see on a regular basis.  One of them is Alexis' godmother.  None of our main group of friends has children - and at least 2 of the couples don't want to have children.  We do go out to bars or dinner with them once in awhile, but they are also willing to hang out at someones house and do a game night sometimes too, so it's a good mix of doing something that fits more into their lifestyle and our lifestyle.  Both sides have give and take.

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  • I don't know if it since getting pregnant or what but one friend from Indiana and I have completely lost touch and I am very sad about it. After we moved we would call every so often but would chat a lot on FB. Then I announced we were expecting and I barely got a congrats. She never comments on photos like she used to or even posts to say hello.

    I have tried calling a few times but no return phone call. I think that I helped her through a very rough breakup and I really thought that she would be a friend that distance couldn't hurt but I guess I was wrong. 

    I really miss her and I feel like we won't ever get back what we had. 

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  • mmm.. yes and no. I don't really HAVE any friends that don't have kids. i have one friend that doesn't.. but we don't see each other much anymore anyway.. She is super busy with work. We try to keep in touch by email, and that has been a bit harder to sit down and write a long email with the baby, but she also is busy.

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  • Kind of...I have 2 friends who are single (but in relationships) and one I have only seen twice since E arrived and the other one I have not seen at all.  It is hard to say if it is because I have a LO now, or because both of them have crazy work schedules, that do not lend for a lot of free time.  I have formed other friendships though, with people that I have more in common with, and have enjoyed that.  My BF in my adult life lives in NC, so our friendship is still strong, but obviously different with the distance.  My HS BFs friendships have really changed the last few years, but that is due to many other reasons, not just life changes.  My college BF has 3 kids, 2 under a year and a half, so she is quite busy.   
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