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ok...my sad post of the night....

(keep in mind I'm basically wasted)

 I'm starting to get anxiety as midnight gets closer. It's just that about one short month ago, I never would've imagined that I'd spend my NYE on TTCAL. I thought I'd be ringing in the BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE. We were going to have a baby in 2010.


Ok I'm done. 

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Re: ok...my sad post of the night....

  • I totally understand what you mean! (((HUGS)))
    TTC Since Oct 08 BFP #1- 1/23/09, missed m/c 2/26/09 BFP #2- 9/8/09, natural m/c 9/16/09 BFP #3- 4/13/10, missed m/c 5/26/10 BFP #4- 4/6/11 beta#1 at 12dpo-133 prog-55.7, beta#2 at 16dpo- 861 DD born 12/8/2011 BFP#5- 11/23/12 EDD 7/25/13 Dx- Uterine septum (removed Aug 2010), endo, MTHFR C677t hetero, Factor II hetero, Low Protein S Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • i know sweets. I'm supposed to have an almost one year old in my arms right now. instead DH and I talked about SA, IUI and adoption packets over dinner. seriously. the tears just won't stop flowing . ..

    and I tried to get drunk and didn't succeed.

    m/c#1 07/16/08 (11 weeks), m/c#2 10/10/08 (8 weeks). and then nothing since except every test possible (no answers). IUI#1 and #2: BFNs Super lucky to be buddies with Peetie. Our out of nowhere, surprise DD born 5/29/2011
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  • I am so sorry. You will still have a 2010 baby. I know it. I am sending you BFP dust all the way!
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  • {{{HUGS}}} I feel the same exact way.
    Started TTC - 01/2009 1st BFP - 09/04/09,1st u/s - 10/06/09- no heartbeat seen, D&E - 10/13/09 BFP #2 - 2/12/10, m/c 2/17/10 BFP #3 - 01/03/11 m/c 01/10/11 BFP #4 - 02/21/11 DS born 10/13/2011 Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • ::Big hugs:::  Me & my drunken self were a sobbing mess at midnight last night.  It's like all the pent up emotion that I haven't shown IRL came barrelling out last night.  It felt good & I think it was a big wake up call to my DH that I am not as strong as I normally appear.  I still believe we will get our 2010 babies :)

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  • I wish I would have seen this last night.  Today is 1 month since my d&c.  1 month ago yesterday since my m/c.  {{HUGS}}
    Pregnancy Ticker dx Hypothyroidism 11/08 BFP #1 10.12.09, Missed m/c at 11 wks 3 days measuring 9 wks, no hb D&C 12.01.09 BFP #2 11.22.11...Summer Elizabeth Born 11.29.11! Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers
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