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Bleeding in late pregnancy

Is anyone on bedrest for bleeding late in their pregnancy? I was put on bedrest yesterday because I had brown blood when I went to the bathroom when wiping, My OB thinks is coming from my placenta.The spotting stopped all day today but then came back tonight a little heavier with a few clots but it was still brown. My OB said to call if the bleeding is bright red or heavy....just nervous and need some reassurance.

Re: Bleeding in late pregnancy

  • I'm not on bedrest for bleeding, but one of my twin mom friends was. Hers was red, I believe, and it was also a placental issue. It was mostly spotting, so they did bedrest and close monitoring. She wound up rupturing her membranes at home at 34w4d and delivered via c section. Both babies were fine.

    Is your OB doing ultrasounds and/or NSTs to make the sure placenta and baby are doing OK? That's what I would be asking about.

  • Hi tzolk,

    I was just placed on bed rest as of yesterday due to bright red bleeding that I had briefly yesterday morning.  I went to my OB for an emergency appt. and they could not find any more blood.  They placed me on a monitor and it turned out that I was having a lot of contractions, so they hospitalized me for 24 hours (I just got home).  After looking over my lab work, my OB states that I had a placental abruption that caused the bleeding yesterday.  They are being fairly strict with me regarding the bed rest, but otherwise we should be ok!  Just take it easy and keep us updated!  I would definitely call your doctor tonight if you bleeding becomes worse...it is ok to let them monitor you!!  Ps.  How far along are you??

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