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Short cervix ladies, come in..

A little poll:

What week are you and how short is your cervix?

At what point did the Dr's put you on bedrest b/c of the cervix, and were there other reasons as well?


How often are you measured and when will they stop?





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Re: Short cervix ladies, come in..

  • I'll be 23 weeks tomorrow.  I first found out I have a short cervix at my big u/s (which was at 20w3d).  My cervix was measuring 2.4cm.  My doctor put me on restricted activity, but not full bed rest.  I've been trying to lay down as much as I can during the day though.  I will be measured every 2 weeks.  I went in yesterday and there was no change, so I was happy it hadn't gotten worse.  Not sure when they'll stop measuring though - I still have a long way to go, so I didn't think to ask!

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  • I am at 26 weeks, my cervix is at 2.3......the shortness was noticed at one of my first ultrasounds, 12 or 13 weeks. It was then at 3.5.  I was measured monthly, until three weeks ago, when I measured 2.5.  Had my cerclage placed at week 24 and as of this past Monday, holding at 2.3.

     I have been on limited activity for the past 4 weeks and will now continue through week 36 when the cerclage will be removed.

    I will be measured every 2 weeks until week 36....10 weeks to go :)

    My Dr. has really stressed to stay offf my feet as much as possible, so I am really trying to follow his advice.

    Good luck and Happy New Year to everyone!

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  • after the early delivery of my twins due to incomp. cervix, my dr. automatically placed a cerclage at 13 wks.  at that point, cervix measured 3.1. since then it has been hanging out b/t 2.7 and 2.9. i'm not on bedrest, just "take it easy and stay off your feet as much as possible" rest. 

    i'm measured every two weeks and i hope that continues until 37 weeks when doc removes stitch.

  • I am 24 weeks.  My cervix is "dynamic" and fluctuates from anywhere from 1.2 to 3.1 in an ultrasound.  I was put on bedrest at 22 weeks, I am now going to be checked every week.  They never mentioned any end to measurement... maybe because they think the babies will come before it's safe to stop measuring.  I hope not, but we'll see.
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  • At 21 weeks I measured 4.5cm, at 22 weeks I was 2cm and very soft.  I was getting checked every week between OB appts. and ultrasounds because of pPROM with my daughter.  He pulled me out of work and wants me to be a couch potato now.  I have to see my ob every week.  I'm on the progesterone shots and just praying I don't end up in the hospital on bedrest.
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  • My twins were born at 24w1d due to incompetent cervix (after an emergency cerclage at 16.5 weeks).  Unfortunately they did not make it.

    I had a permanent transabdominal cerclage placed at the end of August (pre-pg).

    Starting in 1.5 weeks (15 weeks) I will have the length measured every 2 weeks, until we all feel comfortable with the numbers.

    I did go in for an emergency u/s yesterday and my cervix was measuring at 3 cm, but it's early for these measurements and I'm not sure their accuracy at this stage.

    I should not need to do any bedrest for the cervix this time around...let's see what happens.

  • I started my cervical checks at 18 weeks because of pprom during my last pregnancy. The checks started off biweekly and then at 24 weeks my cervix was measuring at 2.2 and I was pulled out of work and put on modified bedrest. I had cervical checks every week there after. My MFM stops cervical checks after 28 weeks. So at 28 weeks I was measuring 1.8 so right now I am 36 weeks but I dont know what my cervix is measuring. I also was on p17 weekly injections from 17 weeks until 34 weeks. Good Luck!

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  • At week 22 I was measuring at 2.2 - 2.3.  A follow up ultrasound a week later showed that I was at 2.6 - 2.8.  I was put on modified rest after that first ultrasound and I will be checked again on Tuesday.  A few days prior to that 22 week measurement I went to the hospital due to a bad backache to find that I was actually contracting about 2 min. apart.  I was given Terbutaline to stop the contractions and the exam at the time found my cervix to be long and closed but the follow up ultrasound showed the measurement at 2.2 - 2.3.  They don't know conclusively whether the contractions caused the cervix to shorten but the dr. put me on bed rest to be on the safe side.  I take Nifedical once a day as well to prevent further contractions.  I am now starting week 26.
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