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NT Scan Today (good news)

Apparently, I have a sleepy baby because the chick refused to move into position for the tech today.  She handed me a Coke and told me to see the Dr for my regular apt and then come back so she could try again.  I went back in and the baby rolled over, but wouldn't stick its nose up in the air.  After much poking and proding, she was finally able to get the NT measurement, which was in the normal range. 

Oddly enough, she got it during a slow-mo replay of a bounce the baby did.  I had no idea they had instant replay on those machines, LOL!

HB measured strong at 167 and all is measuring right on track...except for the feet.  Little Chick has large feet, which the tech kinda sounded weird about, but I am refusing to google it or think about. ;)

They should call me next week with the b/w results.

I go back next month for the 16 week check up.  I can't believe we've made it to 12 weeks already!

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Re: NT Scan Today (good news)

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