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He ate a whole baby mum mum!

I got them in the mail today (I don't know where you guys get them, but they are cheaper at than BRU), and I tried one first.

I gave it to him and he loved it, did great too! This real food thing is so fun! We have a mesh feeder that I put frozen peach slices in, he loves that to teeth on too. I am going to try a banana tomorrow!

Re: He ate a whole baby mum mum!

  • We get them at Wegmans...Evan still likes them and they are great for "stall food" while shopping or out somewhere.

    We never did the mesh feeder...I think I just didn't feel like cleaning it out. It kind of grosses me out. Plus, my niece used to leave it all over the place and on the carpet and things would get stuck to it.

    My nephew used to call it a "nana in a c.0ck"... for banana in a sock. We still think of that even though that was a long time ago!

    I used to coat little banana chunks in puff or cheerio dust - so he could pick it up easier. He loved that!

    ETA: Man - they really didn't want me to write c.0ck! : )

  • I buy them at Walgreens.  I'm sure that's a suprise.  Oh yeah walgreens still carries all of the Vi-Sol vitamins.  I keep forgetting to tell you taht.  That's great he ate the whole thing.  We would give it to ethan while he was in the exersaucer and he would put out his hand and one of the dogs would take it from him
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  • They are pretty cheap at walmart. I can't remember exactly.. I want to say $3.24..

    Eve LOVES mum-mums.. She hates whole bananas.. I tried the mesh feeder with a banana.. it was disgusting. I think I ended up throwing out the mesh feeder cuz there was no way I was going to get all the banana out of it. And eve wasn't liking it anyway.

    Funny sort-of-related story.. The Biter biscuits by gerber say 10 months and older so I gave one to Eve like 2 days after she turned 10 months. I wasn't really watching her eat it..I came back a few mins later and it was all over her face, and I didn't see it anywhere.. I looked on the floor and everything.. so I thought she ate it..I was really suprised. I even told DH. He found it 2 days later IN her highchair seat.. Not bitten at all.. maybe sucked on.. Also.. biter biscuits smell JUST like dog biscuits.

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  • Baby MumMums were my savior when Ian was that age! He loved gobbling on them in church - they kept him quiet, and I wasn't surrounded by cheerios in the pew. We got ours at Walmart. It was the only place around here that carried them.
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