Pregnant after a Loss

Oh! Yay! OMGoodness.

So I have this friend, whom I adore.  She's got 2 kiddos and has had a horrible run over the past few years.  She had a 20 week loss followed by an early (5w?) loss followed by a 17 week loss.  They took some time off and couldn't agree on whether to try anymore or what.  Anyhow, early this year they decided they'd just leave it up to God and go where it may.  She just called me.  She just got a BFP and is due 9/2!!!!


She's helped me through this year in ways I cannot explain.  I'm excited at the potential for the two of us to be due date(ish) buddies and go through this. . . and yet I'm sick at the potential for things to go wrong. . .  and yet I'm so happy I'm weeping.

(Also, aside:  My u/s is Monday.  I'm convinced that something's wrong.  I'm ignoring myself.  That's normal right?  After 3 losses this year, it's normal to expect a loss at that u/s?  I say my affirmations every day, I try to think positively, I do what I can, but if you asked me "Do you think you'll be having a baby next August?" the best answer you could get at the best moment is: "shrug.  Dunno.  Maybe?")

Re: Oh! Yay! OMGoodness.

  • That's great that you can support each other right now. And I think what you're feeling is normal. It's hard to get excited early on and not think the worst. But we're all rooting for you!
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  • First congrats to your friend! Secondly, I totally understand your concerns. I have had close friends due around me both of my mc's. It would be sad if either of you lost your LO, especially with both of your past histories. That said wouldn't it be amazing to have kids that close on age? I keep waiting for me to start mc'ing, and I keep having scares, but somehow there is still a baby in there wreaking havock on my body. If I was asked I would answer your question the same way, "maybe." I'm sure everything will be great at your u/s.
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  • I didn't believe I was going to have a baby until 15w, and I still don't sometimes. I think it's totally normal.

    I think it's great that your friend you and can go through this together, especially since you will be feeling similar things as you go along. Best of luck to the both of you!

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  • Thanks guys.  I feel so needy right now and I'm sorry for that.  The closer I get to Monday's u/s, the more wound up I get.


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