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NIFR-Anyone own a Hyundai?

DH and I have been trying to shop for a new vehicle, if anyone remembers my post from last week, by the grace of God we are only needing one instead of 2!!! 

We've driven several small SUV's and the Hyundai Santa Fe is what we are the happiest with.  However, I know no one that has ever owned one.  I've read reviews online, but thought I'd ask you girls here too.  We are people that keep our cars until they die so resale value isn't important!

Thanks and Happy New Year!

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Re: NIFR-Anyone own a Hyundai?

  • I am on my second Santa Fe and couldn't be happier!  I had my last one for eight years and only sold it because I got an amazing deal on an 09'.  They have fabulous warranties.  10 year 100 K miles, but I never needed it.  They drive more like a car, but with the size of an SUV.  Can you tell I am a huge fan? :)  Now  my DH drives one too!
  • I do! I have a Hyundai Elantra. And when I am due for a new car, I would definitley buy another one.
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  • i drive a 2001 elantra and will also drive it into the ground, and when i do, i will get another hyundai.

    My sister has a santa fe and  both of my parents have santa fes. i love them

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  • I bought a hyundai in the late 90s....right before they started the new warranty.  I drove the h*ll out of it and then gave it to a family member who did the same.  I had no complaints about the car.  I was amazed at how well it drove and how long it lasted.  I dont know the exact model you are referring to but I dont think you could go wrong!
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