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the one thing I can complain about DH

He has not called two of his friends (two sisters he grew up with, we are all good friends as couples) to tell them our news.  I asked him to call them a week ago since we did not see that at a Christmas party.  He never did and now they found out through the grapevine.  It's fine and all, but they called to tell us before it could get out.  They are kind of like his sisters but he just doesn't care sometimes about stuff like that...he says he does, he says he will, but then it never happens.

Speaking of that, that happens with a lot of things!Wink

I really shouldn't complain...but I just hope their feelings aren't hurt.  

ok, adding in - he just came home while I'm on the phone with one of said sisters and was riling the dog up while I'm obviously on the phone completely distracting me and being really rude.

GRRR!!  Now that I'm feeling better I think I'm getting moodier...ugh

Vent over...time to start the resolution of saying only positive things this year haha

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Re: the one thing I can complain about DH

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