Pregnant after a Loss

So I'm back from my big U/S....

DH didnt want to wait till midnight to open the results so we just found out during the u/s. Please officially add us to team PINK!!!! I totally was thinking boy... and man was my intuition wrong! I looked over to DH and commented that our cost of raising this child just went up significantly - LOL We didnt get a very good pic of the money shot because she had her legs crossed but we definitely saw the 3 lines!

It was so nice to see her moving around (at one point she was attempting to grab her feet.. aww) My tech was soo nice too! She would explain everything she was looking at and taking measurments of. I even found out that she goes to another doctor at my OBGYN practice! And when we were done she even asked me if there was anything I wanted to look at more!

Since this U/S was outsourced my OB will give me a call early next week and let me know how everything looks. I'm sure everything is fine, but this is still gonna be a long weekend!

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Re: So I'm back from my big U/S....

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