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moms of girl toddlers - ? about shoe size

What size shoe is your DD wearing?  just wondering.

Re: moms of girl toddlers - ? about shoe size

  • Amelia is in a Size 6 in most shoes but still wearing the 18-24 months in PediPeds.  I should sat that DD is 24 months, 24lbs and 34".  Long skinny feet!
  • Depends on the brand...for most (like Stride Rite/keds, etc) she wears a size 9.  For clothing store brand (like Gymboree, BabyGap) she wears a 9.5 or 10.  (this is since 2.5 years old)
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  • E has little feet.  She will be two on Sunday and she wears a size four or five depending on the brand. 
  • maddy is almost 27mos and she wears a 5.  but she's on the small end of the scale (22lbs at her 2yr checkup).
  • Belle is 2 and 7months, weighs 25 pounds, is 32 inchess tall and wears a size 6 shoe.


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  • Elena at 4yrs 4 months wears a size 11 to 11.5.

    Julia at 2yrs is wearing a size 6.5, but I think she's actually a bit smaller.  (yes, I'm putting her in big sis's old shoes.  Shoe/feet police come out to get me!)

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  • Just moving into an 8. She wore a 7 for almost an entire year. She's 37in and 31lb and wears 3T pants.

    I get hand-me-downs from my BFF's girls who are exactly 1 year older... their shoes from when they were DD's age are size 10!! Of course they are also wearing size 5/6 now at 3.5yr and theit mom wears an 11 so big feet are in their destiny.

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  • Kaley is 31 pounds and wears 7 or 7 1/2. She has a difficult foot to fit though. Narrow ankle and wide arch, so not fun.
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  • still wearing size 4's. she's 17 months old.
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  • Mine is age 3 1/2 and wears a 8.5 or 9.
  • she's 3 and wears a size 8. she's 27lbs and 33 inches. she's been an 8 for almost a year. i'm a size 10 so wish her luck
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  • 15 months and 5 is getting to be tight with thicker socks on.
  • 24 months and 28lbs -size 6 shoe.
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