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Budget Issues....

So I found out yesterday that a friend has volunteered me to help her co-host a shower for a mutual friend. Here's my biggest dilemma-our budget!! I don't mind helping plan the shower in the least and even pay for some items, but i CANNOT afford to pay for the entire thing. I have already found the "theme" for the shower and have 2 games picked. However, I'm worried about the menu and favors!! I need suggestions for VERY inexpensive, yet personal favors and the menu.  Any and all suggestions will be taken into consideration.

(I don't want to sound cheap, but I'm hosting a shower for a family member approx 2 weeks prior to this friend's shower...I had planned (budgeted) to help with the family shower-not the friend shower so I'm trying to make my budget stretch to cover both showers)

Re: Budget Issues....

  • Well, I would not be cool with someone volunteering me for anything, it is up to you to stand up for yourself and say no if you need to.  That said, if you do decide to co-host just be honest about your budget and don't worry about being thought of as cheap, you can only do what you can do!
  • I agree with pp. Say no if you need to.

    If you feel obligated and go through with it anyway, I'd avoid a lunch-type thing. Just do a cake and punch thing - which can be really cheap. Especially if you do it yourself. Can even be fun, decorated cupcakes. And gingerale/sherbert mixed for punch. I'm not sure on favors. I"ve never actually been to a shower with favors. Maybe not in my circle... But as for prizes for your games - get in there now and get some good after Christmas steals at 80% off. Like I saw a Bert's Bee's package for like $6, but you could break it down and get five prizes out of it.

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  • Ditto pp.  With the economy the way it is and pretty much EVERYBODY being broke, people should understand.  Just be honest asap so the co-host knows what to expect of you.
  • Cheapest favors always seem to be candy. Maybe wrap up hershey kisses or something in those rounds of tulle you can get at the craft store and tie with a pretty ribbon. The pp who suggested cake and punch was right about it being the cheapest option. If you really feel you need to serve more substantial food consider a baked potato "buffet." Potatos are super cheap and you can do basic toppings (sour cream, chives, cheese, etc.) for almost nothing.
  • I agree with PP. If you are planning a lunch event, for my wedding shower and DD's christening lunch we did chicken salad crossants. We got  big containers of chicken salad from GFS for $10 each and then the boxes with like 20 crossants for maybe $8. You can use 1 container of the chicken salad for about 2 boxes of the crossants. My mom now does this for most of the gatherings she hosts.
  • I don't think that you sound cheap at all.  We all have our own lives and $$ goals/issues. 

     Don't do the favors.  They are not needed to make the shower a blast. Just tell the other host that you want to make the shower the best it can be by concentrating on the food.  Then tell her that if she wants to do the favors she can. 

    Food: presentation, presentation, presentation.  A really neat presentation of food can give it a richer look.  There is an entertaining board over on the nest - they have great ideas and could give you some really good advice if you share your set up. 

    HOw many people will be invited to the shower?  If I knew this then I could give you some ideas for food.  



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  • the guest list contains about 16 people (worked out perfect buying invites!)
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