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Decade in Review ... (stolen from 3-6)

What has your decade been like? Post your highs and/or lows for each year! 2000 - bought our 1st house as a couple 2001 - bought my first "new" car 2002 - started new job with great company 2003 - DH was transferred to job closer to home & got promotion 2004 - was offered CS & IS manager job at new company and took it 2005 - had "the talk" about marriage and family and started trying to conceive 2006 - got engaged on vacation in TN 2007 - got married, went to France for honeymoon 2008 - conceived ! 2009 - had our little bundle of joy
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Re: Decade in Review ... (stolen from 3-6)

  • 2000 - Became an Aunt!!

    2001 - Laid off and moved back to Ohio, but closer to boyfriend (DH)

    2002 - Went t o England for my Nana's 80th birthday celebration. Last time I would see her :(    Also visited my best friend from childhood when I was over there. We hadn't seen each other in 20 years.

    2003 - Got new job, Boyfriend(DH) got new job too, long distance relationship again.

    2004 - Went to Los Angeles for vacation. It was a lifelong wish of mine to go there.

    2005 - Went to Spain with a friend. It was the first time seeing where I was born. Took boyfriend to England to visit my family. Got my gorgeous furbaby Affenpinscher Oscar.

    2006 - Steve proposed!!

    2007 - Got married, Went to Ireland for Honeymoon, Bought a house. Rescued/Adopted Murphy the Mutt.

    2008 - Conceived LO

    2009 - Gave birth to my beautiful daughter


  • 2000 - moved in and bought a house with Ari's dad after seeing each other since 1998 - all my babies were in school! began working with a photographer

    2001 - began working with Cleveland Convention and Visitor's Bureau with the photographer

    2002 - went to Vegas with Ari's dad and got married

    2003 - started working in the mortgage brokerage business. miscarriage. visited my family in CA. bought my first MINIVAN! lol.

    2004 - another early miscarraige, split from Ari's dad, but upon trying "one more time" to fix the marraige conceived Ari (yay!), but split again. woke up after a couple day coma completely intubated in ICU after a bad reaction to antibiotic didn't know i was allergic to. Met James (AKA Mr. Hawtie)

    2005 - had a beautiful healthy Ari!!! yay!!!!

    2006 - sold my house in suburbia and moved to a bigger better house inside Cleveland on the lake after the kids auditioned and were accepted into the art school. began working for an airline. domiciles: Chicago and DC

    2007 - began dating James long distance..met his ENTIRE FAMILY. yikes! good people though. furloughed and eventually quit the airline. Ari began preschool at the temple.

    2008 - James moved from Philly to live with me - we moved to Asheville, NC area to be closer to my niece and nephews, but moved back because i couldn't find steady work and found out I was carrying my beloved Orchid so moved back to where I could see my trusted OBGYN

    2009 - found this board of amazing women, went back to school, gave birth to my wonderful Orchid, Kaleb graduated high school -began college-and got his first fulltime job, Summer moved in with my sister in NC and started high school, Seth decided to go to the public high school with a very very bad history but has been doing amazing well and even became Captain with his JROTC! Ari goes to a public pre-K.  Money is tight but life is good, though somewhat complicated (see previous post)


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  • Fun!  It is still so hard to believe it's been 10 years since Y2K and the scary dawn of the year 2000!

    2000 - got engaged on the same day that I met Emeril Lagasse!!!!

    2001 - landed an awesome job at Chevron, got married, honeymooned on Aruba & Bonaire for 2 blissful weeks!

    While on our honeymoon, 9/11 occurred and it was positively terrifying to be out of the country and unable to contact any of our family back home in NYC.  Fortunately our loved ones were safe.

    2002 - Got promoted to a great new position at my company

    2003 - Finally bought our first home in July!  Celebrated the purchase with a trip to St. Lucia.

    April 2003 - Spent an amazing weekend in Sedona with my mom & grandmother - mom and I had no idea Mema was ill.  We returned home on Monday and on Tuesday morning my grandmother passed away.  I will forever treasure that weekend we spent shopping, dining and sharing stories.

    2004 - We were adopted by our fur baby Rufus in August.  Traveled to Barbados with our BFF's in November.

    We lost our beloved Siamese, Lestat, after he suffered a stroke in October

    2005 - I believe this was a completely uneventful year - nothing great and nothing bad :P

    2006 - Mike got a great new job with WAY better hours and opportunities!!

    2007 - After much discussion, decided we weren't going to have children.  We traveled to St. Croix, fall in love with the island and decide we would like to retire there when we are old(er).  While on the island, we purchase an acre of property on which we will build our dream home.  (Little did we know what life had in store for us - LOL!)

    2008 - Mike damages his hand in a freak accident and needs surgery to reattach tendons in his left hand.  He spends 15 weeks home recovering :(

    2009 - After spending all of January on the road for business, I return home in early February to a humongous ice storm that shuts Louisville down.  With the power out for a week, there isn't much to do at home but keep warm Wink  On St. Patrick's Day we get our BFP.  We are completely shocked and have to change a few plans!  We were going to meet with a builder on St. Croix November 7th to start working on plans for building our home, instead I was delivering Miss Madison Shea on November 4th! 

  • 2000 - started New Year by ending long-term relationship (but still friends!); living by myself for the first time in an apartment in Coconut Creek, FL (Fort Lauderdale area); took my first vacation by myself to Jamaica (trying to get my groove back!) which started a trend for me to vacation someplace new every year

    2001 - status quo at work/home; spent week alone at a Naples (FL) beach resort; discovered Buddhism

    2002 - transferred with my job to west coast of Florida, rented duplex one block from Gulf of Mexico on Anna Maria Island (aaah...island life!); bought new car; started vacationing with BFF (Girl's Road Trip!) and spent week in New Orleans

    2003 - started dating my own DB and he moved in; Girl's Road Trip - Fantasy Fest in Key West

    2004 - DB getting douchier; Girl's Road Trip - St. Augustine, FL & Savannah, GA

    2005 - transferred w/job to Clearwater, FL area; bought first home; kicked DB to the curb; Girl's Road Trip - Western Carribean Cruise

    2006 - Mom died unexpectedly; Girl's Road Trip - rented cabin in the Smokey Mountains

    2007 - met DH in cigar bar; Girl's Road Trip (last one since BFF got pregnant) - Europe baby!

    2008 - got engaged;promotion at work; started back at school - vacation in Aruba and Seattle/Victoria, BC

    2009 - married, pregnant, baby!

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  • 2000 - Learned German

    2001 - Got 1st grown up job

    2002 - Moved to Europe

    2003 - Diagnosed with MS

    2004 - Finished grad school

    2005 - Moved to Canada

    2006 - Finally admitted that I am a moron at playing video games - courtesy of Mario Bros

    2007 - Last time I worked outside the home.

    2008 - Got engaged and got pregnant

    2009 - Got married, moved again and had my sweet baby boy.

    ETA: Although I clearly left lots, or indeed most, of the stuff that happened in my life, I would be remiss to leave out that 2009 was the year my beloved Kitty left this world.  RIP my sweetness!

    Of course it's also the year New Kitty joined our family.

  • 2000 ? Topsy turvy year. Had 1st knee surgery. Turned 30. Went to Australia. Suffered from clinical depression and went on Zoloft. Got my dog Casey.  Biggest low: my paternal grandfather, Aaron, died on 9/8.

    2001 ? After gaining 25 lb (and being 10 lb overweight) I joined Weight Watchers in July 2001.

    2002 ? Went to Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. Met goal weight in April (36 lb lost). Laid off from publishing job in May. My paternal grandmother died on 10/28.

    2003 ? Still no job. Still no relationship. Temped. Finally started working for my parents.

    2004 ?  Honestly, I don't remember anything significant. Was still single. Living at home.

    2005 ? Things began to change. Dated a lot. Met ex-fiance November of that year. 

    2006 ? The Year of Change!  Stopped being the oldest-living-virgin at age 35. Got engaged in June. Broke engagement in July.  Had 2nd knee surgery in August.  Met DH in October.

    2007 ? Overall good year, except that my maternal grandfather died on 5/18.  Moved in with DH on 11/4.  He proposed the same day.

    2008 ? BIG YEAR.  Bridal Shower in May. Wedding on June 22. Honeymoon. Conceived Aaron in November. Our dog Silk died in December.

    2009 ?  Had Aaron on August 14th.


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  • 2000 - DH and I had been dating for a year at this time. My first half marathon -longest race at that point.

    2001 -  We got back from a vacay in New Mexico - loved it. A couple days later 9/11 happened.

    2002 - started vet school.DH and I are shackin' up.

    2003 - defended PhD.

    2004 - DH goes back for his last 2 years of med school. I started clinical rotations. I spent a lot of time with my vet school hookers.

    2005 - DH and I got engaged. Many triathlons during this year and the next.

    2006 - DH graduated from medical school. I graduated from vet school. We got married.

    2007 - Moved to San Francisco.

    2008 - My first marathon. We are pregnant after 1 and 1/2 years of trying.

    2009 - Ada is born. My mother dies.


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  • Sheesh, this is so long no one's gonna read it.  But I loved reading you guys' so maybe someone will be bored enough to read!

    2000-bought my own condo in a crappy neighborhood (Thornton/Federal Heights, for the locals), on-again-off-again BF (now DH) buys a great house (in Wash Park, again for the locals).  DH got Smokey as a tiny norwegian elkhound puppy, to go along with my half n.e./half something brown Carlos. After 2 years on a college team (but affiliated as a doctoral researcher, not a student) and one year on a TERRIBLE team, co-founded an awesome women's hockey team in a statewide league.

    2001-Kept playing hockey, kept doing research, kept being on-again-off-again with Andrew. Had a bunion fixed on my foot the Friday before 9/11, which meant I was still on some really good drugs when the horrors happened, so it unfolded perhaps more like a bad dream for me than for some.

    2002-Hockey, Research, Andrew and I were dating by now, and he was traveling a ton for work, so I moved in to take care of his house and watch both dogs where there was a great backyard. Started singing with a local chorale after several years completely away from performing music, but with a background of 12 years of piano lessons and tons of good choral experience at my college and grad school.

    2003-Hockey, Research, kept dating Andrew and taking care of his house, kept singing with local chorale.  Was encouraged by director of the choral to audition for a local professional chamber choir.  Was getting sick of my job and decided if my unlikely to be funded grant proposal didn't get funded, and partly annoyed by both Andrew's and my unwillingness to commit figured it was a good time to find myself, that I was going to join the Peace Corps, but amazingly, the proposal got funded. But that inspired a good friend to join the next year.

    2004-hockey, research, Andrew, chorale, finally got up nerve to audition for pro choir, scheduled for first week of 2005. Andrew and I hit a rough patch, both dated other people, though I had the courtesy to notify him first (he was out of the country in his case). Andrew bought a plot of land in semi-rural Virginia, just south of Charlottesville.  Carlos the Great moves on to the Rainbow Bridge on December 3rd, and in many ways his end of life brough Andrew and me back together.

    2005-hockey, research, chorale, accepted as a sub for the pro choir and asked to sing for the director's church choir.  Andrew and I go to Maui for a week in February tagged onto a conference I "had" to go to on Oahu, and I knew I'd come back either knowing we were going to get married or I'd be ready to finally leave for lack of either of us being able to commit. It was the former!  We got engaged while on vacation visiting the land in Virginia.  Actually at a picnic at Ashlawn before seeing Madama Butterfly. Started studying voice privately with a colleague of the wife of my church choir director.

    2006-hockey, research (half time), chorale, church choir, decided to audition for a vocal performance undergrad program, got married, honeymooned in China, Kyrgyzstan (visiting a friend in the Peace Corps), Croatia (by way of Turkey), and Italy, started music undergrad program full time, moving to the opposite side of the academic "desk" for the first time since 1997.

    2007-school, had to significantly slow down the hockey to just playing Friday nights with friends, half time work, had to drop chorale, stayed with church choir. Oh, and Andrew.  Went to Roatan and got my dive certification. Start TTC. Hurt my shoulder playing hockey in December. Got a one day BFP in December. Found TTC 35+ board.

    2008-Moved Denver to Boulder for the spring semester while renovating our house, then Boulder to Nederland in May for the summer, then back into our finished house in August, school, half time work until November when funding ended, church choir, TTC in earnest, found out on return from Belize in March we were pg! Cut back on church choir, our awesome son born in December, 3 days early, getting me out of singing in a Christmas concert that I was dreading (because I was going to be 39w4d and 39w5d pg, in the middle of the middle row of the festival choir of over 200 people). Found Pregnant 35+ waay too late after helping to lobby for it after defending MrsG from some out of joint noses on the TTC board. So glad they then gave us a third, parenting board!

    2009-New mom, school, wrote four grant proposals and a paper (none for pay, but they still paid my health benefits), part time church choir, wrote two grant proposals, collaborated on a third, still not for pay, watch amazing son grow in eleventy billion different ways, a gazillion firsts, had to sing in the Christmas concert on DS's birthday. Have crazy baby fever.

    2010-Expect to graduate in May with a voice performance major and piano minor, and start taking voice and piano students after that, and, if I'm lucky, get a few paid gigs.  Writing another grant proposal, hope to be working again half time on research by summer, but who knows. Hope to get pg with a sibling for DS, must keep working on getting DH on board!  I think he'll feel better about the whole thing if I can be gainfully employed again soon.

    I'm sorry I wrote so much!


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  • 2000 - BIG YEAR: Turned 30, got married, bought a condo, and got our furbaby Molly

    2001 - Wasn't 2000 enough?

    2002 - Knee surgery

    2003 - My company finally went the way of dot coms and went bankrupt. I found a job six months later at a company that works with financial institutions (foreshadowing). 

    2004 - Buy a vacation home

    2005 - Knee surgery

    2006 - Big promotion for me

    2007 - Sell condo and buy house in the "really nice" neighborhood

    2008 - DH turns 40. Sell vacation home for tidy profit. Find out I am pregnant?!?!

    2009 - Have baby, lose job, and find a new job.

  • imagechoirgirl:

    2008-Moved Denver to Boulder for the spring semester while renovating our house, then Boulder to Nederland in May for the summer,

    I didn't know you lived in Ned. How did you like that?

    (See someone did read your whole post. :))

  • I'm late, but it looks like so much fun I wanted to do it to.

    2000- Got engaged, went to France (Paris and skiing the French Alps)

    2001- Went to California with FI

    2002- Got married, went to Hawaii on honeymoon

    2003- Last year teaching

    2004- Had dd1

    2005- Went on a trip with dh to France and Italy

    2006- Went to Hawaii with dh

    2007- Miscarriage.  Dh took me on a Mediterranean cruise and a week in London

    2008- Had dd2

    2009- Took dd1 to Hawaii for 2 weeks before she started kindergarten

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