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Etiquette question

When someone wants to help with a shower should they:

A) Wait for the person hosting to call and ask them to help and let them know what they can do.

B) Call the person hosting to let them know they would like to help.

Re: Etiquette question

  • I don't think either one is right or wrong. I know if I were hosting, I would never call someone and ask for help because I would not want to put them in a position where they can not say no. So if someone wants to help they should extend the offer.
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  • I think if someone wants to help they should just call the person hosting the shower and let them know that they would like to lend a hand.

    I agree with PP - If I were hosting I would not call anyone asking for help becuase I don't want them to feel like it's now an obligation. 

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  • Call the person and offer your help. 
  • Call and offer to help. I would feel way too uncomfortable asking someone to help host a shower unless they had indicated they wanted to.
  • I'd call the person hosting with the understanding that they might not want help.  And if they do accept my help, then I'd blend in with what they already have planned and want to have planned. 
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  • If I wanted to help out with a shower, I would just call and ask the hostess...  The only time I have asked for shower help was when I hosted my sister's shower last year and I asked our cousin if she would like to co-host with me (mainly because she has so many good ideas).  I did not  expect a monetary contribution from her even though we pretty much split the cost.
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