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Inviting out of state guests

My in-laws and all of my husband's extended family live out of state (they live in CA, we're in TX).  Should I still send them invitations to the baby shower even though I know they will not attend?

Re: Inviting out of state guests

  • Yes...It wont hurt anything to send it and they may be hurt if you don't.
  • I maybe would include a little note: (know you probably can't make it, but was thinking about you and hope your doing well!)

    Or something along those lines

    I have a similar dilemma, I have people who I want to be invited, but who will 99% not be able to make it because they live out of state. 

    I'm glad you asked, looking forward to the responses 

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  • I would send the invitations, just so they won't feel to left out.

  • Yes!  Even if they can't attend they will feel they are apart of it because they were invited.  And you never know...maybe they will come!  My Aunt and Uncle happened to surprise us all at my sisters baby shower....they are in TX and we are in MD....he got back from being deployed and they wanted to visit so it was a good excuse for them!
  • I wanted to invite lots of DH's family to my shower but my MIL frowned upon sending invites...I just wanted the family to know that we wished they were able to share in this joy with us. We did not send the invites just to receive a gift. In the end, we sent the OOT family invitations, knowing they would be unable to attend.
  • I put my OOT family on my guest list even though I knew they wouldn't come.  When I talked to them, I told them I just wanted to let them know they were in my thoughts.
  • Every family is different.  I would ask you MIL or SIL as to what they think should be done. 
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  • You might be surprised.  My DD sent to a lot of out of state guests and all but 3 came!
  • image northtamarack:
    Every family is different.  I would ask you MIL or SIL as to what they think should be done. 

     I agree with this. 

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