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Warning: teething is dangerous stuff!

Poor DD. She was playing before bed tonight, slipped, and bit her tongue REALLY hard with her brand new top 2 teeth. Had the silent scream (before the loud, terrified fury started) and we immediately saw a pool of blood in her mouth. DH and I were terrified she had bit through her tongue but she's ok--just two nasty slices on the tip of her tongue where her teeth went down. I forgot how much mouth injuries bleed. Poor little angel, she is going to be SO sore tomorrow. 

Really, it's the first time I've seen her bleed and it was scary. I know it won't be the last time and it was an overall minor injury but I feel like I'm cutting a new set of Mommy teeth here!



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Re: Warning: teething is dangerous stuff!

  • oh no!  I'm not looking forward to that stuff.  I clipped his toenails and made one bleed several weeks ago, and I felt SO BAD! 
  • yikes! and here I am desperately hoping that today will be the day he finally cuts his first tooth . . .
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  • Poor baby! That must have been awful for all of you. Thanks for giving me a reason not to be concerned that my 10 month old has NO teeth, though. Maybe she'll be more stable by the time she gets them...

    I hope Nathalie is okay!!!

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  • wow! that would be scary. Glad she's ok!

    I am just ready for people to stop asking me if DH is teething.. she's just a huge DROOLER!!

  • Yikes that is very scary!  Cuts in the mouth bleed like crazy. So glad she is okay now. 
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  • aw, poor baby, that sounds so awful!
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