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anyone with excess amniotic fluid?

I had my 35 week growth ultrasound today and when the doctor came in to talk to us, he told me that I had a little more amniotic fluid around the baby than they like to see. He didn't give me a number but it startled me a bit because I see my regular ob twice a week for nst's and at one of my appoinments each week they do an ultrasound to check my fluid levels but this was the first I've heard of having a bit to much fluid. Does this mean anything significant?  I wont see my regular ob again until monday and I know they will check it again that day but it has me a bit worried. The high risk doc said to lower the amount that I am drinking but I haven't thought I'd been drinking that much and not to mention I have a horrible cold going on right now so usually they want you to drink more. The other thing is that for my last 2 appointments, my ob has been the one checking the fluid levels but hasn't actually measured them, she's just looked at them and said that they look fine. The 2 other appointments before, the resident has done them and used the tool to actually measure. I dont know if I should mention this too her or if the high risk doc will send something over but it just has me a bit worried. Do any of you ladies have this going on? What were you told to do about it if anything?? TIA!

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Re: anyone with excess amniotic fluid?

  • Honestly I dont think the excess levels relate to your drinking.

    I have diabetes, and was told I had excess fluid (my level was 40.1 by 36 weeks - which is when I delivered - normal is between 5-25), because my baby was peeing more from my diabetes.

    Anyways, when I was 36w4d, I was told to go to the hospital due to a failed NST, and when I was there, they decided not to deliver but rather to have me stay there "until the baby came" - since I was a walking time bomb: if my water broke at home, the cord could be prolapsed and the baby could lose oxygen, giving me only 4 minutes to get help... so, I was at the hospital "till the baby came" which happened to be the very next day.

    I was induced at 36w5d, and had a csection - my water didnt break till after I was induced.

  • I have more fluid then i should and do not have GD. My doctor doesn't seem to worried there is a post further down that talks about it... https://community.thebump.com/cs/ks/forums/thread/28353794.aspx 
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  • This is my third pregnancy and I've had excess fluid all three times. The official term is Polyhydraminos (sorry if it's not spelled right!). My doctors have never expressed a concern with it, they just take measurements and I get larger than the average pregnant woman.

    All of my babies have been big, and I have GD this time around, and some minor sugar issues during the last two pregnancies. I have been told that larger babies, sugar problems and Polyhydraminos are all related.

    Extra fluid is better than low fluid volume, so I woudln't stress about it.

  • I have it too, I was diagnosed @ 26 weeks with high fluid, and now I too go for weekly NST. They say that anything above 18 is high for the fluid levels, mine have been fluctuating between 18 and 23. Don't stop drinking your liquids, the baby needs to stay hydrated. I asked if I was drinking too much and my doctor said not to limit my liquids that though it does change the levels a small amount, the levels would not be affected enough to change the condition.

    The condition is called Polyhydramnios and according to my doctor, it is usually nothing to be alarmed about. She said she's only ever seen one instance where the baby had a problem swallowing, in all other cases- it was just a fluke. I of course googled it - and now I wish I wouldn't have because according to Google and Bing, Polyhydramnios could be caused by an infection in the mother, Gestational Diabetes, issues with the baby's esophogus preventing him/her from swallowing properly, neurological issues preventing the baby from swallowing. It can also cause early labor because the levels are expanding the uterus more than usual.

    I am going to go with what my doctor's are saying and do my best not to worry, there is nothing that can be done. we must trust in God that our little ones will be okay. Like you, I have had a cold/cough on and off for weeks now, lets hope and pray that is why our levels are higher. Best wishes to you! T&P are with you! ~Amanda



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