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How did you figure out something was wrong with your fridge? I've been worried all along that the fridge is the issue since we didn't have a problem before the move. We are in a rental now with older fridge... Should I just have it serviced? Thanks so much!
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Re: ***cubits***

  • There were a few things but the main one was fairly obvious; our fringe and freezer has a digital display and it showed the temperature rising.  It took a few days to catch as it kept going back down.  So the milk kept thawing and refreezing.  yuck!

    The first step is to get a thermometer, but check it frequently.  Also make such the coils at the back are clean, we  just moved in too and they were so dusty.  That dust can cause things to over heat. 


    ETA our fridge is brand new so the age of the fridge won't be the problem. 

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