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anyone have it? i got one for christmas and have used it a couple times but it hurts my shoulder!!!


  • I just bought one on eBay today.  Are you able to breastfeed with it on?
  • I LOVE ring slings, and I really don't like the looks of that one. It seems too similar to a bag sling, and those aren't safe. Can you do a hug hold with it? I find that distributes the weight best.
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  • yeah i've been wondering now that i have it how safe it is. he's never fallen out or anything but he's just sitting in there. it was dr sears who came up with it i guess. and i dont think i would breastfeed with it on. i wouldnt even think it would be possible really.

    i liked how when he got older and could ride on my hip it will help support him.

  • Your LO is old enough that it wouldn't be unsafe to use- it's really newborns who aren't safe in bag slings. I mean, it's probably not the most comfortable for you, but I doubt your LO would have compromised oxygen from it. He's big enough he'll let you know if he's uncomfortable, I think. Em is getting steady enough if I pull the rails up to her shoulder she can almost do a hip carry (supported). Can you spread the fabric out to help support him on your hip?
  • I don't use it anymore, but used it ALL the time when DD was your LO's age.  We used the kangaroo carry, she loved being able to look around, but still be close to me.
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  • We have this one and another ring sling we bought at the hospital - "the over the shoulder baby holder". I have found that the elastic in the Dr. Sears sling limits the flexibility of the sling resulting in discomfort at times. I have found the other sling, which doesn't have the elastic padding, is more flexible... I can get DD in a good, secure hold, while positioning it easily on my body. Good luck.
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    I just bought one on eBay today.  Are you able to breastfeed with it on?

    I should have responded to this earlier- but I LOVE my ring sling for breastfeeding. I have one made by a WAHM (work at home mom) and it wasn't quite long enough for me, so I ordered a maya wrap yesterday. I have an Ergo but I still reach for the RS the most. I think when she is older and can do a back carry we will get more use from the Ergo. I PPH my ring sling. I don't go anywhere without it. 

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