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Breastmilk donation

I was told to ask here!  :)

Has anyone donated BM?  Who did you go through?

My only real requirement is I don't want it to be sold (for profit).  

Re: Breastmilk donation

  • i know someone who donates it to a family who adopted a little baby. here's her story. i LOVE the idea if you can do it!

  • I donated directly to a mother and her baby - the mother had hypoplastic breasts, so couldn't produce much milk.

    I found out about her through the share milk group on Cafemom, but you can also go through Milk Share.  Milk share is great in that it has lots of information about collecting your milk, how donors should be screened, shipping your milk, etc.

    Donating to someone nearby was awesome - I got to meet her and her baby, and I handed the milk directly to her.  We live about 1.25 hours apart and met halfway.

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  • I too donated locally. We shared the same doula and my son would not drink frozen milk so she suggested the momma in need. I agree that meeting the recipient was wonderful. We actually got a Christmas card from the family thanking us for helping their little girl grow big and strong. 
  • I donate through Mothers Milk Bank of North Texas.
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  • I couldn't find any milk banks taking new donors.
  • I donated to a mom near Chicago when I was out of town for Thanksgiving and didn't want to dump my pumped milk.  I went through MilkShare.  I agree w/pp that it was so great to meet the baby who would be getting the milk!

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