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Hospice for my Grandmother

Without saying much, as my extended family gets upset if I share personal info and I want to respect them, my grandmother?Momma?is not long for this world.  Hospice has been called and she is just fading away. She is this frail, little thing now... it breaks my heart.

I'll write an eulogy and post it on my blog (and share a link here) because mere words cannot express the impact my grandmother has made upon my family. She's lived 92 years?almost 3 without my grandfather?and she deserves peace and dignity.

I spent a few hours there this afternoon?with Aaron?and while for the most part she was out of it, there were a few moments of lucidity. She called my son "Tattie Shayna" (handsome little man) and Tattelah. She knew him. And she smiled. Faint, but it was a smile.

I told her I loved her and she looked at me. She knew me.

I'll let you know when she passes.  I hope it's peaceful and that she's with Poppa again soon.


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Re: Hospice for my Grandmother

  • I am so sorry, Robyn.  Just from your tone, it sounds like she has a lot of love around her.  I hope she knows peace and joy until her passing.
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  • Your Grandmother sounds like one amazing woman to have impacted your life the way she has. What a treasure for her to have lived long enough to have met your darling son. I hope she finds peace and reunites with your Poppa soon.


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  • I'm sorry you will be losing her soon, but I am glad she will be at peace with your Poppa.  I am glad she helped you become the mother you are, and that she got to meet and love Aaron. {Hugs}
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  • I'm so sorry Robyn but so glad you and Aaron got to spend some quality time with her.
  • I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother, Robyn. My thoughts are with you and your family now.
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  • I'm so sorry. T & P for you and your family.
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  • Robyn, I'm so sorry. We are both suffering this holiday season. I know it's just a matter of time for both your grandmother & my FIL. peace is what I wish them the most. I hate to see suffering, pain & being hooked up to machines when there is no chance of recovery.

    God Bless her. 92. My Grandmother is 97 & she too most likely will pass soon. But we have to think of the wonderful long life they have had. they will go onto a better place.

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  • I'm so sorry.  It sounds like you got to spend some good time with her today and you'll treasure those memories.  thoughts, prayers and hugs coming your way.
  • Sounds like you are very close to her, you're lucky to share that special relationship with her. I'm sorry she's sick, I hope she passes in peace and with a smile on her face. We're thinking of you both...

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  • I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother, my T&P are with you and your family.  I'm so glad you & Aaron were able to spend some time with her, i'm sure it meant the world to her.
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  • i've nothing new to add, just wanted to let you know that i'm thinking of you and your family
  • I am sorry Robyn.
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  • Robyn, I am so sorry.  I hope your Momma passes peacefully.  Sounds like she had a long life filled with love.  (HUGS)
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  • Robyn, I am so sorry for you and your family.  I will keep you in my prayers.
  • I am so sorry Robyn. I am glad she was able to meet Aaron and spend time with him before going to meet with your Poppa again.
  • Robyn, I am very sorry to hear about your grandmother.  Prayers for you and your family.
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