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Constipation: Sorry...I know it's been asked before..

But I can't seem to find the post. I feel like a first time mom and can't remember anything about newborns and infants! And I called the Dr, but haven't heard from him yet. Ally pretty much went from 6 poops a day to only 1 a day a few days ago (there was no in between).  it's been over 24 hours now and she's been struggling since yesterday evening with gas and even trying to strain.  What can I do for her?

So far, I did all the baby yoga bicycle moves, I tried massaging her stomach, and just gave her diluted pear juice (1/2 oz juice and 1/2 oz water) much and how often do I give the juice?  Anything else I can do for her?

We just switched to sensitive formula this morning and hope that helps.   

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Re: Constipation: Sorry...I know it's been asked before..

  • rectal thermometer. works instantly.

    you can also try some dark caro in her next bottle.

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  • I tried the rectal therm too and it didn't work. =(  But I didn't put it in for 3-5 mins as just seems sooo long. 
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  • They make baby glycerin suppositories. You can break one in half for a tiny baby. It'll work within minutes.
    - Jena
  • Our pedi suggested 2 oz of water twice a day for one day (morning and evening). If that didn't work, she said to give LO 2oz baby prune's not straight prune juice but a blend you should be able to find in the baby aisles. If that didn't work, we were to call her back. So far the water has worked for DS.

    FYI: We were told anything(thermometer or suppository) up the butt for babies is highly NOT recommended due to the possibility of damaging rectal tissue.

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  • Prunes and more prunes and anything with fiber (like peas and sweet potatoes) has worked for mine. She was constipated all the time. Also, stay away from feeding her rice cerealy, apples, and bananas until this has cleared up. Those don't help things at all. Good luck to you. It's not fun watching your baby strain. :(
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