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The ones who can't have sex.

For those of you who can't have sex. Do you do anything for your husbands? or does he do anything to you without you having an orgasm or going all the way in?

Re: The ones who can't have sex.

  • That would be a negative....lol

  • not doing anything... but cuddling and looking sad. my husband is hot- but im too lazy these days for BJs.
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  • He still gets blowies (hehe) and I get back massages...works out for both of us!

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  • I haven't been doing anything.  I assume he takes care of business on his own, which is what he's done in the past when we weren't allowed.  I feel definitely unattractive these days so I'm not motivated to initiate.  We mostly cuddle on the couch.
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  • No...but it makes me sad.
  • I've offered BJ's to him,but because of the antidepressant he's on he has no sex drive.  Which in a sense is good, but I'm going insane!

     I technically could start having sex now, but hubby won't let me! He's to scared that if I orgasm that I'll go into labor and he wants her to stay in longer. The doctors want her to stay in longer if possible as well, but say it's ok if she comes anytime now. So we're holding off! Ugh!!!!!

    I shouldn't complain, I've been very blessed.

  • well we didnt have much sex before so nothing has changed. he gets nothin...
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  • He still gets some oral lovin' :)  He's been really great and has taken it upon himself to do most of the house celaning and other things.  I wish I could do more, but he assures me that our little girl is worth every second of sacrifice for him:)  And I know he's right!
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