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Baby carrier/slings

I'm interested in them as an alternative to keeping baby in the infant seat &/or stroller if we ever actually leave the house.  But don't know anything about them.  Please help.  Thanks.

Re: Baby carrier/slings

  • How old is your LO?

    We LOVED the Moby Wrap early on... it's super snuggly & DS would just nap in there for hours when he was a newbie. It gave me back my sanity!

    Now that he's older & more mobile (wanted to get out & move around more often) we mostly use a mei-tai wrap. It's quicker to get on & off when we're out & about.

    Both are super-comfortable. I've done a 5k walk in each with no problems at all... and DS is a big guy!

    I love the carriers & DS is totally happy in them. He is not generally happy in the stroller (and especially hates the car seat).

  • Baby carriers are very personal in terms of likes and dislikes.  For me, the Moby gave me back ache, but I also had a big baby from birth.  I love, love, love the Ergo, but I know some people don't like buckle style carriers.  Your best bet is to find a local store that carries a variety of carriers or a babywearing group so you can try them on yourself before making a financial commitment. 



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  • If you can find a store or a babywearing group or someone with a bunch of carriers, that would be great!  Unfortunately a lot of us don't have that option easily available!

    My personal experience went something like this - Stretchy/moby type carrier and LOVED it until my LO are near 20 pounds and the stretch is just too much.  I then switch primarily to a woven wrap.  Wraps take a bit of a learning curve, but there is nothing like them once you get the hang of it.  I also like a ring sling pretty much from the beginning for short trips and NIP (a bigger learning curve for me...).  Then I have an ergo for my toddler.  Love that it is easy to do lots of in and outs with, but I don't care for it as much with my little guy.

    FWIW, my little guy is in a woven wrap nearly every time we get out of the car.

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