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Bed Rest Mamas Check-In *Wednesday*

This thread is for any and all mamas on bedrest, in any form. We are stuck home or in the hospital, in a bed or on our couches, and could use the support of each other to make it through this time in order to get to a healthy baby! We all know how hard bedrest is and we wish everyone a healthy pregnancy!!!! Anyone is welcome to join, and anyone can start this daily thread. Just copy and paste this paragraph and info lines below if you get here and the thread has yet to start for that day!

Name - Lesley

Due Date - 2/10

Date Placed on Bedrest - restricted activity/pelvic rest at 18 weeks; modified 12/10; hospitalized 12/16

Type - Hospitalized Modified bed rest

Why - Vasa previa/(possible) pregnancy induced hypertension

Question of the Day - What are your favorite songs/performers right now?

Answer - I sing a lot of A Fine Frenzy and Death Cab for Cutie songs to LO.  I'm also digging Airborne Toxic Event, Silversun Pickups, and Stereophonics lately.  

Updates - Third time is a charm I guess...LO finally passed the BPP today with a perfect score.  It's really eased my mind.  As long as he continues to do well with the monitoring, I won't have to do another BPP.  Only 2 more weeks until he arrives!

**I'm so happy that your appointment went well yesterday, Nic.  I hope that everything continues to be quiet until at least 36 weeks.  Way to go!

I hope your appointment went well today, Cora, and that you liked the midwife!

Andrea, I'm glad things are stable and I hope you get to go home soon!

I hope that everything stays good for you, Marissa.  You've done a great job! **


Re: Bed Rest Mamas Check-In *Wednesday*

  • Name - Becca

    Due Date - 4/21

    Date Placed on Bedrest - 12/18

    Type - Modified bed rest at home

    Why - shortening cervix

    Question of the Day - What are your favorite songs/performers right now?

    Answer -This is pathetic, but I have not been listening to music.  I would listen while I was in the car commuting to and from work, and now that I can't work, I don't listen to the radio.  I just watch TV.  I used to be soooo into music, I worked at a radio station!  Now I listen to NPR podcasts.  I guess old favorites of mine are old Counting Crows, U2, Jimmy Eat World.  Newer stuff I have liked is Kings of Leon, MGMT, also Death Cab for Cutie and Silversun Pickups.

    Update -  I had my growth scan and cervical check today.  The good news is that my boys are growing very well, they are both about 1.5 lbs, which is twice what they were 4 weeks ago.  The OB seemed really pleased with their growth.  The not as good news is that my cervix is still the same, which is to say, short.  Not nonexistent, fortunately.  The OB didn't seem additionally worried; he said to just keep up the bedrest and return in 2 weeks.  I also started steroid shots, so at least there's that.  I just want to stay pregnant for at least 6 more weeks.  I wish there were a way to send that message to my cervix!

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  • Name - Cora

    Due Date - 1/23

    Date Placed on Bedrest - 11/21 31w

    Type - Modified Bedrest/ Restricted Activity

    Why - PTL

    Question of the Day - What are your favorite songs/performers right now?

    Answer - OMG I have way way to many to list! I love the Black Eyed Peas, Taylor Swift, System of a Down, Bush, Celtic Women, Michael Buble, the list goes on and on!!!

    Updates - Well appt today didn't go as planned.  I liked this midwife much better, however my BP was out of the ball park! They tested it 4 times, and sent me to Labor and Delivery.  They ran lab work, urine tests, and monitored me for about 2 hours.  I knew when I went into L&D that everything would be fine.  My urine test was negetive, my blood work was negetive, and my blood pressures were normal.  Go figure! I'd rather be safe than sorry though!!

    **Lesly I'm glad to her that LO is in the normal range! As you said, 3rd time is the charm!!)

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