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He's becoming a butt-kisser...

Zachary has learned the difference between honey and water when it comes to getting what he wants.  We set up a playroom in the basement for him, with a train table and kitchen, along with some therapy equipment (trampoline, mat, ball, swing, etc.).  He loves, loves, loves to go down there, but either DH and I have to go down with him and there is a baby gate at the top of the stairs to make sure he doesn't wander down there alone.

Last night, he decided he wanted to go down.  He came up to me, smiled, waved and said "Hi!" to get my attention.  Then he asked to be picked "up!" so he could sit next to me on the couch.  Once I picked him up, he crawled on my lap, gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.  Then he smiled again, climbed down, took my hand and told me to get "up!" and led me to the stairs.  I've noticed he'll do similar things with my husband as well -- hugs when he wants some juice or to go outside.  It also reminded me of an incident at the neighborhood 4th of July parade, where he wanted a flag that one of our neighbors had.  He went up and stood near her for a few minutes, smiling right at her.  After he had made nice for a bit, he reached over and grabbed on of her flags to play with.

It just made me smile -- I'll take hugs and kisses anytime.  Can't wait to see what he comes up with next.

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Re: He's becoming a butt-kisser...

  • That's pretty sophisticated manipulation, so we'll say its a good thing :)  My older DS has learned I will do just about anything after he tells me "I love pretty mommy the best".  I assume I am the pretty mommy and there isn't another one stashed in a closet or something.
  • awww.. i can't wait for that, i still get screaming and fake sad faces ( depending how upset he really is)
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