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I just ran across the "perfect girl" in High School's FB page

My first thought was, "Please let her be fat".  Imagine my disappointment when she wasn't. Tongue Tied

And on a related note, my 30 day shred copy arrived yesterday.  Are you girls ready?

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Re: I just ran across the "perfect girl" in High School's FB page

  • Yes, I am ready.

    I will find her and hold her down while you shove twinkies down her throat if you get these people out of my house.



  • Yeah, the "Perfect Girls" either get fat by having a half a dozen kids by as many guys, or they remain depressingly perfect.
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  • OMG!  this makes me think back to when I bumped into one of our HS "perfect 10" cheerleaders at Costco a few years back.  She was H.U.G.E and looked so horribly "unkept", even though it was appaling to look at, I couldn't help but grin just a wee bit....  Stick out tongue  because she was a mean one.
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  • One of my sisters was the perfect girl in HS.  She still looks perfect, but her dependence on her looks has pretty much ruined her life so far.  I'll take my fat.  ;)

    I haven't gotten my dvd yet.  What else do we need?  I have my yoga mat, but no weights.  We need weights, right?

    Jen - OMG you make me laugh all the time!  I love how funny you are!

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  • I will confess that I was one of those "perfect girls" in high school. My qualifications were I was captain of the cheerleading squad, homecoming princess, vp of student council, and prom queen.  That said, I was very nice and not one of the mean girls.

    I indeed got fat!!

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