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what fun activity are you doing with DC today?

all of the storytimes and mom groups things have been put on hold for the holidays so for the last week DD and i have been a little bored. we need some ideas for things to do around the house today. what are you and DC doing today?
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Re: what fun activity are you doing with DC today?

  • I'm working today--but tomorrow is my day off with DS and I'm thinking possibly the Children's museum.  We've never been there..  We might go shopping at Target for a few things.  And we'll probably color and maybe play with the homemade play dough. 
  • Today I'm really struggling.  After 2 days of frantic nesting energy I can barely move or keep my eyes open.  We are spending the day in comfy clothes and just watching tv and playing with the new Christmas toys the girls got.  I had a big list of things to do around the house today (since baby will be here in just under 2 weeks) but I think laundry may wind up being the extent of what I actually do.  And even that isn't going so straight. 


    Today is one of those days where I need to cut myself some slack.  A day of kids shows and trashing the living room with toys won't hurt the kids and hopefully tomorrow will be better.  :)

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  • we are doing arts and crafts today-

    1. birthday card for dada-

    2. birthday sign for dada with dot art

    3. paper plate moose- for her pepe (grandfather) antlers will be her hands.


    we are going to Dave and Buster's for DH's birthday in the afternoon after her nap.

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  • We went to the gym together this morning. Walked home so I could change and then took the subway to meet DH and have lunch together downtown (he LOVES the subway. Sometimes when we are super bored we just ride it for a while, LOL). This afternoon he needs to do some thank you card decorating for Christmas gifts - we are really behind on that.
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  • Yeah, we have the same problem with nothing being scheduled.  I've tried to get out on a stroll each day, even though it's cold.  On Monday, we left just after dark to catch some of the Christmas lights in the neighborhood.

    We played "parachute" with a picnic blanket.  DD loves shaking it, hiding underneath, and singing little songs.

    We made a "bunny train" out of an old diaper box.  She pushes the train around the house, and every so often she makes a stop and a stuffed bunny hops on.  This can literally entertain her for an hour.

    We blew bubbles.  She'll be taking a longer, more elaborate bath than usual.  And last, there are always the Christmas toys to entertain her.

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  • DH is home today and we took DD to see a kiddie rock band at a local coffee house with some friends.  It was fun!  :-)
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  • DH is off all this week.  This morning, we took Ben here.  We met up with a friend of mine and her DH (who is also off).  They have a son who is 20 months and he and Ben are buddies.  

  • A friend of mine moved into a new house about a month ago and invited us over for a playdate. It was SO nice to have our kids run around playing together, getting tired, while the mommies sat around visiting with each other. She lives 40+ mins drive away so we don't get to see each other much, so it was very nice to get away.
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