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weaning off pacifier?

DS was sleeping really well (from 7-4, then up to eat, then back down until 7) until he got that stomach bug. He would often go down without a pacifier. But since then, he's been waking up a lot. Not to eat, but just needing us to soothe him a little and put the pacifier back in his mouth - and he pretty much won't fall asleep without it, either. I was up 10 times last night (somehow DH seems to sleep through it all).

I'm thinking about trying to wean him off of it in the hopes that he will sleep better, going on the theory that he will fall back asleep better if he wakes up in the same way he went to sleep (no pacifier). Has anyone done this? From what I googled, it seems like just going cold turkey is the way to go. How bad is it going to be?

Would it be bad to let him keep using it at nap time but not for bed? Since he's starting daycare next week, I kind of want to let him keep that little bit of comfort.

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Re: weaning off pacifier?

  • This is tough, but in our experience, DD had a much easier time than we thought with it. We didn't do it until about 6 months, but when I got to that point where I was up nonstop during the night, I talked with my colleague who is a child behavioral sleep expert and she told me to go cold turkey. That night she had the best sleep ever. I couldn't believe it! If I were you, I would try cold turkey and include daycare in that. It may be easier than you think. We were kicking ourselves for not doing it earlier once we saw how easy it was. 4 months later she's never even wanted a pacifier and she used to be ATTACHED to hers. I thought she was going to take it to college. Good luck!
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  • image emack:
    This is tough, but in our experience, DD had a much easier time than we thought with it.

    This. For some reason, it was a really easy transition. I think cold turkey hurt us more than her. She was over it in 2 days. Same with swaddling. I, on the other hand, needed to hide and have a 2 glass minimum of vino to cope with the initial cries. I was such a wimp. DD started sleeping in longer stretches once she could self sooth without the paci.

    Good luck!

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