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1st trip to the ER

Over the past month Xander has been fighting his first ear infection.   The first one was just one ear, which appeared to clear up with amoxicilin but about a week after the medication ended another ear infection (both ears)developed.  This time he was put on augmentin amoxicilin.  He had been taking it for about a week yesterday and had began to have a horrible diaper rash 2 days ago which I thought was from the constant diarrea.  I noticed small red bumps on his legs when I took him in to get his second H1N1 vaccine.  By the time we got home from the clinic (a five minute ride) the bumps had spread to his belly.  I called the clinic to schedule an appointment for the following morning.  During the rest of the day the rash spead slightly to his arms and back.  We decided it would be ok to go to the Caps game since he was feeling fine and we figured it was just the diaper rash spreading.  By the middle of the second period the rash had rapidly spread to his face, ears, neck, feet pretty much all over.  HIs entire neck was just red and it almost looked like welts.  He was still his happy self and not itching at all.  We decided to leave the game and head to Children's ER.  I figured we would be at the ER for quite some time but I think due to the nature of the rash were fast tracked right in to see the doctor. She felt that it was an allergic reaction to the meds so took him off the meds and gave him benadryl.  We were in and out of the ER in one hour.  We then followed up with a pediatrician the next morning who felt the same thing.  His rash is slowly going away but by the end of last night some of the red bumps that dissapeared yesterday reappeared.  This morning it looks much better so I can breath a litle bit easier.  Still a very scary experience.  It's amazing how little ones can go around playing and seeming like they are fine with a huge rash.  If it were me I would have been miserable and cranky.  Just goes to show you how resilient babies are.

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Re: 1st trip to the ER

  • Poor baby - glad he's okay.  Definitely record that antibiotic, which is commonly prescribed, as a no-go for the future.
  • Poor baby and poor you!  Glad it seemed to all work out and that the ER experience was a fast one.  When DD #1 went to the ER the first time as a baby we got wonderful attention.  Recently she went in for a cut above her eye and they made us wait a long time - babies def. get priority!!!
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  • DD made her first trip to the ER recently for a kidney infection (it was a Sunday, so the peds office wasn't open). They definitely treat kids cases differently than adults. We signed in and were seen within MINUTES.

    Glad your DD is doing better. Augmentin is really strong stuff...

  • I'm so sorry for you and Xander! I'm glad they took good care of you here. Bummer that he's allergic to the Augmentin, but I'm glad they figured it out and he seems none the worse for wear. I hope his ear infections clear up. I know those are no fun!!

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  • how scary! I'm so glad your son is OK!
  • I know a couple of kids that were on that same amoxicilin and got the same rash side effect! I'm glad he is alright
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