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When are you stopping meds to prevent PTL?

I have been receiving weekly progesterone shots since 18 weeks and just has my last one today, yay! I was prescribed Terbulatine for contractions on an as needed basis only and only took it once (because I despise it!). Saw my peri today and baby weighs 5lbs and 7 ounces. He didn't seemed concerned at all if I go into labor at this point. Also saw my OB today and she said the same thing as well. FWIW, I have a cerclage and am about 1 cm dilated and they both said that they would just take out my cerclage early if I went into labor (scheduled to take it out at 36w5d). i am having some irregular contractions tonight and am wondering at what point can I not even think about taking my terbulatine to stop them?

Re: When are you stopping meds to prevent PTL?

  • I was on procardia and had a cerclage, we stopped meds at 34w b/c I wasn't tolerating them well.  I did go into labor the next night, but I stalled when I got my epi, so home I went.  I ended up being induced at 38w2d.
  • On Friday morning :)

    I take 10 mg of procardia every 6 hours.  On Friday, I will be 35 weeks and off bedrest!

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  • I am taking 2.5 mg of terbutaline every 4 hours.

    My OB is going to start weaning me off of it after 36 weeks. He said we can't stop cold turkey, because my body is used to the drug and certain receptors in my body would freak out a little.

    But, after 36 weeks we are letting nature take it's course.

    DS #1 born January 2010. DS #2 due June 2014.

  • I'm on procardia and not dealing well with it.  I can't drive on it and am not even comfortable being home alone with my girls because I'm worried I'll faint and crack my head or something.  Because there's some confusion on my EDD (long story), my CNM is taking me off it next Wednesday and off bedrest then.  She did lower my dose today because I'm so dizzy and having a lot of side effects and I'm almost 35 weeks (according to the EDD I use).  She'd like me to keep "taking it easy" (but off bedrest) for another week or two after that, but said that often people go into labor within a day or two of going off it, so the longer the better.  I did get the steroid shots last week for DS's lungs so we're feeling somewhat comfortable with that after 35 weeks.
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