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CA trip part III

Ready for the latest? :)

So let's list all the ailments that have occurred since we started on this trip: I pulled my back in the airport at RDU from lugging our caravan of crap, Scott threw up in his car seat on the plane (snack went down the wrong pipe so to speak), none of us were sleeping more than 1-2 hours at a time (Scott's coughing fits), I ate some horrendous salad and ended up vomiting for the better part of 12 hours, and now....

So Scott woke up from his nap yesterday in a complete and utter meltdown--screaming his head off, clawing at his face and mine, flailing his entire body.  It was horrible!  He's had congestion for about 2 weeks and I told DH I planned to take him in if he wasn't better by the time we got home.  Well, we decided this was our cue to take him in somehwere here.  The verdict: ear infection probably from the 12ish days of congestion combined with the plane ride.  This is his first EI so we're pretty lucky we got this far without one.

Props to SIL--when we called her and told her we were considering urgent care or the ER (really, DS was *that* out of control), she called their pedi and got us in for a sick appointment.  This is completely out of character for SIL and was a wonderful bonus.  :)

It took us almost 3 hours to get his script filled--confusion in communication between the pedi and pharmacy and us being from out of town.  Ugg!  But we got it and I think Scott is feeling quite a bit better now.

Next: MIL is sick with some sort of respiratory ailment.  She has vomited once b/c she gets herself going with coughing and then vomits.  She has been trying to insinuate she got it from me.  Last I checked I don't think you can "catch" eating something yucky from a restaurant (she wasn't even there) from someone else.  Not to mention I had zero respiratory symptoms and was better within about 24ish hours and back to normal within 48.  She has had a fever since last night and today it climbed to a whopping 100.3.

Ok--I don't doubt she feels like crap.  But she is refusing to eat or drink much of anything and did not take ANY medication until SIL specifically brought it to her.  MIL wants to be waited on hand and foot.  I mean I get that she doesn't feel well but expecting those of us with little ones to keep exposing ourselves to wait on her is ridiculous.  I really think she'd feel much better if she just took some freaking Nyquil and drank some stinking Gatorade.  I'm amazed she's survived this long. ;)

DH and I are exhausted.  Between having a sick kid and essentially being on our own since MIL is out of commission and we don't want to spend a ton of time and SIL's and expose us to her sickness, the days have been long.  But we've had some fun in there too which is good! lol!

We have some more fun things planned but I must say I can't wait to get back home, get back into our routines, and most importantly get back into our own beds!

Hope our trip continues to be somewhat entertaining.  :)



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Re: CA trip part III

  • good lord!  how many days do you have left before you can go home??
    i'm a co-sleeping, baby wearing, cloth diapering momma!
    ~proud to have breastfed for 16 months, 3 weeks~

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    please excuse any typos.... i usually am typing one handed!
  • Poor Scott!! i'm glad your SIL was able to get you into the pediatrician and u not have to expose Scott to so much more at an urgent Care or ER!! im glad he's got somethign or else he'd be miserable the rest of your visit and the trip home!! I hope you guys are able to have some fun and that MIL will just chill out and take care of herself to allow her to get better!!
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