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tonight is our last night with my niece...

They are moving back to CA on the 1st and we won't see her again. I am so sad, I am going to miss her so much! Most of you know she's a big part of my life since we watch her quite a lot. Some of you have even met her. I'm trying to stay brave and not cry in front of her. she doesn't understand, thinks she's going on a trip. My mom and I have decided we will call her all the time so she doesn't forget how much we love her. She's 4, so she won't remember much...

Re: tonight is our last night with my niece...

  • sorry Sad

    Send her videos of yourselves. My baby cousin loved to watch videos of us and when we would go visit her she felt comfortable with us very quickly because she'd been "seeing" us all year on tv. They weren't even videos that were made specifically for her, so we weren't talking to her or anything, it was more like movies of us in a school parade and typical home movie stuff like that.

    - Jena
  • We have a video camera for the computer, and using Skype, are able to have face to face convos with DH's family (spread out over IL, OH, and CA).  It's been great staying connected, and my 2.5 year old ran up and hugged her Grandparents straight off the plane last time they visited, because she knew who they were.  It cost us less than $50 at Walmart--worth every penny.
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  • I didn't know they were moving.  I hope everything goes smoothly for everyone.
  • ((HUGS))

    my niece just moved (yesterday) from New Orleans to Virginia and now she's gone from 1.5 hours to 12+ hours from her daddy. Sad

    My xSIL, Bro and Parents all have macbooks with the built in webcams and use skype daily.  I hope ya'll can get something like that setup!



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  • thanks girls. I will definitely look into all of that!
  • I'm so sorry to hear that.  I know you'll miss her.  She's a sweet little girl.
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